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170 Days? SAY WHAT!

HEALTHY_ 170 Days? Say What!

LOOK AT GOD! I have been regularly using MyFitnessPal for almost 6 months! Wow! I saw that update this morning and was amazed. THAT’S 10 DAYS FROM A 6 FULL MONTHS! DO YOU HEAR ME?!? DO YOU SEE ME??? For real though, do you see me? That means I got super committed to the cause in………I have to do math. Please hold……. O_O

MAY! Yes! That’s about right:

  • I got my gym membership the last week of March.
  • Lost a couple pounds in April.
  • Went home and ate good dennamug the last weekend in April.
  • Came back and said, I’m for real this time! about two weeks into May!

WOW! Just wow!

May 1st, I was around 192 pounds. Today (November 12th), I am 165 pounds** today. GET. INTO. MY. AWESOME. I’m so proud of myself. I have thug tears! Don’t look at me!

*runs in circles and squeals*

**I didn’t have a loss today. I’m fine with that. The level of dramatics that will take place when I hit 163.5 are going to be out of control. God is probably shaking his head in advance so he can be alert to protect me from my crazy when the dramatics ensue….and they WILL ensue. Is it too much if I make a t-shirt? Yes? Oh…………..

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