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Thick. Fine. Healthy. is wellness blog focused on empowering women to get nutritionally, physically and mentally healthy. Over the past two years, I’ve made a lot of changes to improve my own health. Rather than keep all this good information to myself, I decided to share what I’ve learned, tried, and accomplished (and failed at)!
If you’d like to start from the beginning, check out The Beginning Series:

Also, check out my new goals below! Since 2012, they’ve changed quite a bit. But the motivation behind them has not: my family medical history. It’s pretty much a who’s who of “GIRL YOU GON DIE!” which basically makes everything I share preventative care! Two years ago, I started out with these three categories and I think it’s fitting to keep them.

Overall Goals (Big Picture)

  • Target weight of 145 or below (Height:  5’1”)

  • Toned and curvy (Body Shape: Hourglass)

  • Flat and toned stomach (Trouble Area)

  • Prevent as many ailments as possible

  • Adopt habits of truly healthy people*

  • No joint stress due to weight

  • No need for an inhaler

Note: I’m not perfect but I’ve come a long way. I didn’t want fast, physical results because I wanted lasting changes to my health.

Health & Fitness Goals

  • Become a runner

  • Be able to lift my body weight

  • Gain control of my anxiety

  • Clearer, healthier skin

  • Become a Clean Eater*

Note: I do not eat 100% clean. Whenever I eat out, I can’t be sure of how the food was prepared. I choose not to worry myself about that.

Vanity Goals (Fun Stuff)

Note: Although I am not 100% ready to bear my belly for the all to see, I am significantly less worried about it. 🙂


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