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TFH_AddAcceptance.jpgI’d like to start by saying that self-acceptance feels like Jesus! Whenever I say something feels like Jesus, someone always asks me how. And they’re probably giving me the O_o face too. Jesus’ love is unconditional, so….If Self-Acceptance feels like Jesus,

Self-Acceptance is Unconditional Self-Love

I mention my “Morning Mirror” exercise a lot. That’s where I stand in front of my full-length mirror booty-butt naked and bask in my awesome. No exaggeration, that’s literally what it’s turned into. It began with looking at myself stripped of outside influence (except my glasses because blind) and pointing out one thing I loved about myself. Over time it became hard to choose just one thing, so I chose three. And after some more time that wasn’t enough either. So now I just stand there like

 That’s how I start my day, almost everyday. By the time I’m confronted with any outside influences, I’m already encased in a force field of self-acceptance. I be Naomi to “that one standard of beauty”!


So is my body perfect? It’s perfect for me at this moment because my body looks like this…

Thick. Fine. Healthy - May2014 (Body)

I promise I am wearing pants!

And my skin looks like this!

Thick. Fine. Healthy. - May 2014 (Skin)

And to these young eyes, all of this looks gorgeous dennamug! Take a look at your “flaws”. Are they really that bad? Mine have their perks:

  • Diversion*: I’ve poked my belly out and rubbed it to make men I didn’t want to speak to think I was pregnant. For this reason, I also have…

  • Foresight: I’ll be a cute, little pregnant woman. I’ll probably be dramatic and rude too but I’ll look like beauty and new life!

  • Prevention: How many times have I said that I will be naked when I get my stomach right? I’d probably have contracted pneumonia by now because I would definitely be rocking midriffs like it wasn’t below freezing outside in January (or below 0 -_-).

  • Safety: Nobody needs folks staring and causing accidents on their behalf. This has (almost) happened. You’re welcome.

Okay, so those aren’t real perks but they make me laugh. More importantly, they help me to relax and not focus on the body part I’m not 100% in love with*.

Aside from the obvious, being able to accept myself makes it easy to accept others’ appearances. They don’t have to accept mine, I really don’t care. But people who have the most negativity towards others tend to have a lot of it towards themselves. That’s a major problem. So how do we change it? Before you say/type anything, ask yourself these questions.

  • What don’t I like about this person?

  • Why don’t I like it?

  • How does this person make me feel about myself?

  • What do I hope to achieve by saying it?

  • Do I need to say it?

  • How does it change how I feel?

Unlike “that one standard of beauty”, I can see beauty in people who look nothing like me. I’m not the ONLY one who gets to be called beautiful nor is the person who looks the exact opposite of me. People who accept their own appearance do not feel be negative towards others.

Adding acceptance into your life requires two things:

  • Check yourself! Check what you say about yourself and others.
  • Accept yourself! And the differences in others. You don’t have to love everybody (I don’t) but you’ll be less likely to go around attacking folks.

Are you wrapped in self-acceptance? How does this affect how you treat others? Or how others treated you?

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Note: This checklist is assuming you weren’t attacked first. Since I’m human, my advice is to let those young words fly and throw it back at them reply with sarcasm (if at all). There’s really no point in arguing with a close-minded person. Not only does sarcasm work, it’s fun too!

Example time! I might shave my head at any given moment. When you have short hair, people like to call you bald when they’re upset (weird). The last time it happened went something like, “I’m bald? WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME?!?!?!?! Thank you! I would have never known! Nobody ever mentioned this to me!” Fighting anger with humor is really the GOAT! Just watch them wear themselves out with frustration! 🙂

*It’s sad that I’ve had to divert attention this way but some men just don’t take no. And sometimes I don’t want to be spoken to at all. 

*Part of self-acceptance isn’t about ignoring what you don’t like. That’s where “unconditional” comes in. You don’t have to be perfect to love yourself!

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