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Back for the Second Time

TFH_ Back For The Second Time

Now that my first week of working out after not working out for almost 2 weeks is over, I’d like to recap.

I was setting my alarm for 6:15. Why did I keep waking up at 6am? THAT’S 15 MINUTES EARLIER! I need those 15 minutes! LMAO! I planned to wake up at 6am NEXT week. At least I know I can do it……..I’m lying! I’m 100% sure I’ll be upset about it next week smh.

I still have to do Day 3 of Couch to 5k. I left work around 6. It was 74 and sunny outside so I decided to workout outside. There is a paved .5 mile track outside the gym. Jesus be all the fences and a massage therapist or a handsome man! The first week is 1 minute runs, 1.5 minute walks. The first run, my calves were in pain but made it. Second run, more calf pain….I made it 50 seconds. Third run, 30 seconds. Fourth run….after 10 seconds I mentally threw my hands up and said, “Naw….NAW!” So I decided to walk. I walked for a total of 72 minutes and 3.5 miles. I was proud of myself for not just giving up. I could have went inside but I was already so sore that I knew it wouldn’t go well. Also, it was a pretty day.

Today I am SUPER sore. I had to work today so I took my shoes in case I left early enough to go to the gym. My legs feel like they are going to fall off! So I didn’t go. But I’m proud of myself. I think my body just isn’t ready for that much impact outside yet. So I’ll keep doing the program on the treadmill but if I have time, I’ll walk outside again. It was relaxing and a good workout.

Food! I found a recipe for cauliflower alfredo sauce this week! Instead of using a lot of cream, you use a head of cabbage! It’s pretty good! I promise I’ll start posting recipes and it’ll be up there! I’m so excited. I’m going to try using it to make this alfredo carbonara pizza I love. I’ve been wanting to make it but I haven’t because alfredo sauce is so fattening. Now I can!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like to try to find recipes for things that are normally fattening to make them healthier. It’s always hit or miss. This recipe was a huge, HUGE hit. Imagine how many things can be made with it! I made mashed potatoes today and used some of it in place of milk. The possibilities are endless!

Last thing, last night on twitter I ended up discussing a few things about weight loss that I thought I could share here in the form of tips!

  • Do the “Morning Mirror” everyday! I’ll do a post on it in detail.
  • Be picky about who you share your goals with. Some people don’t like others to succeed. Other people are just ignorant and will annoy you with comments like, “You’re eating fried chicken? I thought you wanted to lose weight!”
  • Have a cheat meal or day. It’s up to you. I usually do either a few small things or a meal. This week I had a small pepsi one day, a sweet iced tea another day. My cheat meal for the week was Thursday. I had Lockhart’s 1/4 slab (3 bones) ribs, mac & cheese, and cole slaw.
  • Look for alternatives. In addition to the cauliflower alfredo sauce, I didn’t go crazy with my cheat meal. Lockhart’s makes both creamy (mayo) andĀ vinaigrette (vinegar) based cole slaw. I chose the vinaigrette based one. I’ve also made cole slaw using it. You get the same cold crunchy side dish without all the cream and mayo.
  • Don’t punk out. Like I said, Day 3 didn’t go well for me yesterday but I didn’t just leave. I still worked out and I worked hard.
  • Take it a day at a time. I’m getting better at remembering to do this!

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    1. domgirl85 Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, I do stretch, although I could stand to do it more. I was thinking about recording a Jillian Michaels warmup and cool down on my phone to take with me lol! I always get super sore and stiff the next day (or the same day) because it’s almost always cold at work. I’ve started walking around throughout the day.

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