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Not only did I meet my midpoint goal, I surpassed it! This was me Monday morning…


THAT’S RIGHT! I AM UNDER 163.5 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, I currently weigh 162.6 pounds. ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO POINT SIX POUNDS! LISTEN! I haven’t weighed this much (low? little?) in years! I think it may have been the end of 2009 or early 2010. I know it was early 2010 at the latest because I did an internship in Miami from September to December of 2010. In September, I was 174. When I left, I was 184. Yes….I gained 10 pounds in three months. YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE! Nor do you understand how good cafecito is. YOU DON’T KNOW! It was so good *drools on my keyboard*

Anywho, as you can imagine, I am excited. EXCITED DENNAMUG! YE’EN MORE EXCITED DEN ME RIGHT NOW! I stood on that scale and all I heard was Sir 2 Chainz in my head (seriously click the link)! *runs in circles, screams, and knocks phones and laptops out of people’s hands*


What 162.6 lbs looks like. DO YOU SEE ME!

*sits down back down* I’m sorry. I’ll (fake) chill. Obviously reaching my midpoint is a huge deal. I’ve lost a total of 29.4 pounds. TWENTY-NINE POINT FOUR POUNDS THOUGH! *squeals* That means I have 27.6 pounds to go. That sounds like a lot but I’ve already lost that much plus some. I am truly amazing. 😛

So amazing that I’ve earned myself a gift! I keep a list of fitness-related gifts to buy myself whenever I reach a goal. For this goal, I’ve earned myself a heart rate monitor! Yes! I will finally be able to accurately record my calories burned! I’m planning to get a Polar FT4 or FT7. COME ON JESUS WITH A GREAT BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY DEAL (or White Monday or even Blue Thursday if you’re my mom -_-)!

Also, since I know losing weight can become harder the smaller you get, I decided a while ago that I’d be sure to keep things challenging for myself during my workouts. None of the changes are extreme and some actually aren’t new.

  1. Restart Couch to 5K. I started Cto5K early this year intending to do each week twice. It worked out well until I reached Week 4. Week 4 joined forces with my asthma and tried to take me clean out the game! I tried to get through that week for a good three weeks before I finally decided to just walk for an hour on cardio days. I planned to try again but I wasn’t sure when that time would be. Since my endurance has vastly improved since that time, now is perfect!
  2. Add 30 minutes to cardio workouts. As I said, I have been walking for an hour on cardio days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Sometimes I walk an hour and a half. Last night, I tried walking an hour and a half at a slower pace (3.0 instead of 3.5) and I burned almost 400 calories (according to the machine). 30 extra minutes added almost 200 calories? COACH PUT ME IN THE GAME! Let’s couple that with Cto5K and eventually, I’ll be burning crazy calories!
  3. Add one extra ab move to strength routine. I’ve been considering adding one and just kept putting it off. I’m getting smaller. This waistline won’t hold me back. IT WON’T!
  4. Add 15-minutes of backwards walking to strength routine. I used to make a point to spend 15-20 minutes walking backwards at 2.0mph (at an incline) on the treadmill. Once I organized my routines, I kind of stopped doing it because I couldn’t figure out how to work it in. Even though I’m using the treadmill, it’s actually a leg and butt toner. Therefore, it belongs with my strength routine 🙂
  5. Juicing! Did I mention I started juicing a couple weeks ago? I only did it for barely two weeks before I had to stop (that post is coming soon, it’ll explain a lot). I wasn’t sure how to log fresh juice so I just logged the whole vegetable. Not a big deal except I ended up eating less than I was supposed for a few days until I realized I should NOT include it into my calorie allowance. So instead, I’ll (try to) eat 1400 calories a day AND juice daily. I’ll still record my juice as whole vegetables but since it’ll be the same most days (carrots and spinach), I won’t have to worry as much.

Because I’ve been doing all of these things (more or less), it won’t be too hard to add them to my daily routine. I guess the hard part is deciding whether I want to start Monday or wait until the first week of December. I’m thinking Monday 🙂

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