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Cardio is Smarty…..yo

FINE_ Cardio Is Smarty Yo

Lmao! Don’t ask me where that title came from! I have no idea!

Over the last few days, I’ve posted my updated strength circuit as well as my current weight and measurements. I realized I forgot to give an update on my cardio routine!

About a month ago, I started doing Couch to 5K using this app. Today I completed Week 2: Day 2…….you might be thinking, “Hol’ up! A month ago you started and you’re on Week 2? Ma’am.” To which I’d roll my eyes and hit you with some mean side eye before informing you that I’ve been doing each week twice! I did Week 1 twice because, I didn’t complete it…..technically I did it 1.5 times lol! Week 2 we added 30 seconds of running. LAWD! My calves were screaming at me, “DOMINIQUE WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!” Day 1 and 2 consist of four 1.5 minute runs with 2 minute walks followed by two 1 minute runs and 1 minute walks. Day 3 is six 1.5 minute runs with 2 minute walks.  Listen, on Day 3 I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it. MIGHT DON’T MAKE IT indeed on that day. Somehow I completed it! I officially decided to perform each week twice on purpose at this point. So this week doing Week 2 the second time has been much better. My calves get pretty sore, but I seem to be making it longer before they hurt. Pray for me Friday y’all. That’s Day 3 again 🙁 Below is the cardio routine. BTW, the strength circuit happens every Tuesday and Thursday!

Cardio Routine (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

  • Couch to 5K (about 30 minutes but varies)
  • 30 minute walk

Currently, I am running at 4.0mph (which is very brisk walking on MyFitnessPal…..rudeness) and walk at 3.0mph during C2K. During the 30 minute walk, I continue walking at 3.0mph. The funny thing is sometimes I walk outside around the track for 1 hour or 3 miles and I can walk up to 5.0mph (assuming that’s accurate) with an average speed of 3.0mph. Something about the belt moving under me, I can’t go as fast yet. I’m working on it though!

Also, if I workout in the morning (which never lasts long), I don’t do the 30 minute walk. Meaning I almost always add the 30 minute walk lol! It’s nice because my heart rate stays up without me killing myself. Yea me!


4 thoughts on “Cardio is Smarty…..yo

  1. essaykaywrites

    “which is very brisk walking on myFitnessPal . . . rudeness” ROFL. This is why I am following both of your blogs! You have a way with words and ideas. The MyFitnessPal estimates irritate the heck out of me sometimes too!

    1. domgirl85 Post author

      OMG! *thug tears* Excuse me, I have to go happy cry and call my mama! 😛

      Thank you so much! Yes, MFP’s estimates are so annoying. I stopped trying to decipher the calories burned each week and just go with what the mirror, scale, and my clothing tells me. Between the 3, I’m able to figure out if something working or not working for me. *goes to happy cry again* 🙂

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