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Couch to 5K: Week 1, Day 1

FINE_ Couch To 5k

I was going to name this something dramatic but after doing the workout, I just went with what it was lol!

All day I was imagining what this workout would feel like with me being out of shape. I expected to be about halfway through it and feeling like, “LAWD! HELP! JESUS! MARY! JOSEPH! EVERYBODY! HELP ME! WHERE IS MY INHALER! NO DON’T CAL 911! AMBULANCES ARE EXPENSIVE!” Last year when I tried running, I think I lasted through 2 sets of “Two and Ones” and by lasted, I mean part way through the second, I stopped because I was out of breathe and my knees were killing me.

Well Jesus was a fence tonight because here I am with significantly less dramatics than I thought! In contrast to the above, I felt more like my body said, “WE GOT THIS BOO! YE’EN READY FOR ALL THIS THICK FINENESS! THEY AIN’T READY!” The only soreness I’m feeling is in my calves (back) and shins (front). While I was working out, it was more in my calves. Now that I’ve had time to sit down, it’s more in my shins.

So what is Week 1, Day 1? Didn’t think I would force you to go all the way to the site again did you?

00:00-5:00: Warmup walk
5:00-6:00: Run
6:00-7:30: Walk
7:30-8:30: Run
8:30-10:00: Walk
10:00-11:00: Run
11:00-12:30: Walk
12:30-13:30: Run
13:30-15:00: Walk
15:00-16:00: Run
16:00-17:30: Walk
17:30-18:30: Run
18:30-20:00: Walk
20:00-21:00: Run
21:00-22:30: Walk
22:30-23:30: Run
23:30-25:00: Walk

25:00-30:00: Cooldown Walk

Now I don’t plan to do a post for EVERY workout but I might do one for each week. I just thought Day 1…..THE FIRST DAY…..was important. I’m proud of myself 🙂

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