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How many times have I said, “Im going to do a post with my current weight and measurements……and photos.” And not done it? WELL NO MORE!!!!!! Today is the day!!!

I weigh myself and check my measurements sporadically but on a Monday is when it counts. That’s because it’s always the first day of the workout week for me. It’s perfect for seeing if what I did the last week worked. My weight check-in was actually last Monday, but I went out of town the weekend before (and didn’t eat that bad) and forgot! With today being Memorial Day, I was off work and had time to take a detailed record. I’ve taken several photos and videos and was like blah! Lol, mainly due to rushing! But today is the day you all get to see my fat! My glorious, sexy, fine fat 😛

Current Weight/Measurements (5/28/2012)

Weight: 187.8 pounds

Bust: 38″

Waist: 34.5″/36.5″ (will explain)

Hips: 45″

Thighs: 26.5″

Summary: 4.2 pounds and 3.5″ lost since March 26, 2012.

Wait….that’s it? Oh………….

Actually, I’m happy with that! It takes time to begin to lose weight (for me anyway). So I’m proud of myself! I don’t want to lose it fast. The faster you lose it, the faster you gain it back. I want to keep it off. In 2006, I was losing 2 pounds a week. I didn’t start losing pounds until early May. After the Atlanta trip, I went back up to 192. I was eating GOOD (okay bad but it was so good)! In short, this is how May went for me.

April 30th -> 192…..May 14th ->189.6……May 28th-> 187.8. Roughly 1 pound a week. But this is my first month consistently doing EVERYTHING! Eating well, closely monitoring cheat meals, working out, going to bed on time, drinking all my water. I’m proud of myself! Let’s hope my metabolism is rising and I’ll be able to lose more than 4 pounds in June 😀

Quick breakdown! Bust: Minus 1″. IT’S HAPPENING! MY GLORIOUS C CUPS ARE LEAVING! WHY LAWD! Waist: Minus .5″. I have two numbers because I actually hold my stomach in most of the time. I measured it with it sucked in and relaxed. Hips: Minus 1″. Shocking considering I gained an inch at one point after losing pounds! Thighs: Minus .5″. These things stay thick! Ride or die! Yes! 😛

And now, unveiling my progress so far! Behold! Alla dis body! But seriously, this takes a lot. Posting BEFORE photos is always stressful but necessary 🙂

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Note: I think I’ve mentioned before today that my thighs are the only thing that stay thick no matter what. Yes! My butt looks big in some things, not so big in others. I took the (4th round of) photos in these shorts just to show more legs. But it also shows that my booty needs drastic lifting and that one side is higher than the other (when I turn to the sides). Another thing. You can’t see my cellulite that much in the above photos but it is there. As show below.

Taken 5/27/2012 to show my cellulite.

So that’s me and where I am now! Let’s hope in the future we can look back at these photos and jump for Jesus that I’ve shed this weight 🙂

Also, if you’re on MyFitnessPal, let’s be friends! I’m domgirl85!

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