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Double Take: Purple Dress

FINE_ Double Take Purple Dress

In September I posted my Green Dress Double Take. At the time, I did it on a whim because I didn’t feel like much had changed since the last time I wore that dress. But LOOK. AT. GOD. Wow, there was a huge difference. I had already made a practice of taking photos most mornings after getting dressed so I continued doing so AND decided to make a series out of it!

Every so often, I’ll go through my daily photos and post “double takes” to show my progress. It’s one thing to look at a photo from a few months ago and notice a change. It’s a completely different (more satisfying) thing to look at a photo wearing the same outfit. The changes are much more noticeable! You’ll be like I was last night when I looked through these photos, LOOK AT ME! I’M SKINNY! I’M STUNTIN’ ON EVERYTHANG RIGHT NOW! YE’EN ME!

Yes, that’s exactly what I thought 🙂

Without further ado……….

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I like to think My Boo in Ignorance and All Things Ratchet would hit his jig upon viewing my progress. And if he won’t, I will because YES LAWD!


I also like to think Queen Bey would be proud of me. She would……

Anywho, below you’ll find a side-by-side of my weight and measurements. Since July 2th was not a check-in day, the measurements are from my June check-in. October 29th was check-in day but the numbers come from the 30th. I’ll explain shortly….

Note my waist measurements. Something is wrong here. WRONG! But I have to record the numbers. Until October 29th, I was not able to buckle the belt (same in both photos) past the fourth hole. If I did, it was too tight. How are my measurements so close despite my being able to buckle it on the fifth hole? HOW? It’s actually loose on the fifth hole now btw! Also, how is my sucked in* measurement 1.25″ different but the actual number is so close? And how is it that I’ve gained inches that I’d lost in the months between these photos yet I’m visibly (and physically) smaller?

These are questions that need answers! IMMEDIATELY! However I won’t stress over it because like I said, the dress and belt fit much looser that they did before. That’s what really matters!

Just to show that there is a true difference in my waist, I also took photos without holding my stomach in!

*I think it’s worth noting a few things about sucking it in.. I’d say I suck my stomach in 95% of the time, even when I’m at home. It’s a good way to look leaner no matter what your size is. You’ll also improve your posture. Because I suck it in so much, I always take my waist measurement twice (in and relaxed). In doing so, I can get an idea of what my actual waist would look like at a slightly smaller size. It gives me something to look forward to! Although I didn’t post them until more recently, I’ve been taking these types of comparison photos. Now that I’ve lost what I consider to be a significant amount of weight, I feel more comfortable posting them as proof of my progress 🙂

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