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Election Day 2012

HEALTHY_ Election Day 2012

Assuming both my knees cooperate and stop hurting by the time I leave work, I’ll be heading to the gym for strength day. They’ve been hurting off and on all day and I’m not sure why….

What does my strength routine have to do with Election Day? A lot! By the time I get to the gym, all the news networks will be reporting on and posting the most up-to-date results from the Presidential Election. Usually everyone quietly watches the political commercials and news coverage, puts on their poker face, and keeps working out. But today? Maybe I’m just anxious but I anticipate people actually talking. Especially if their candidate isn’t in the lead. That part worries me.

Out of the three presidential elections I’ve participated in, this one is by far one of the most stressful. I thought 2008 was stressful. NAW! 2008 was nothing compared to this. People have resolved to cutting ALL the fool for 2012. I personally believe you should vote for the candidate who is right for YOU! For me it’s Sir President Barack Obama (I like to add Sir to names and titles for added respect if you haven’t noticed). For you that might me Mitt (see what I did there), and that’s fine because that’s YOUR CHOICE.  I thought 2008 was a bad election year when it came to social networking. Then 2012 hit. God prob just grabbed Jesus and said, “Naw son. Just stay here next to me. Don’t e’em get involved.” because LAWD! Tensions are higher dennamug! WIZ KHALIFA AIN’T NEVER BEEN THIS HIGH IN HIS LIFE! Wiz over here like, “Man, if I was that high! DAWG!” But it’s a level he’ll never obtain. Poor Wiz….

Even if I didn’t just tell you I voted for Sir President, you’d guess it based on me being a non rich, young, black woman. So I’m sure strangers can guess that without seeing the Obama 2012 magnet on the back of my car (WHOOP WHOOP)! I, for one, am afraid of how Republicans may act when Mitt loses…..but not as afraid I am of how he’ll act if he won.

And because of the “poker faces” at the gym, I’m unsure what to expect. Trust me, every single time a political ad came on, especially presidental, I was scanning faces. Nothing! These people would so win at high stakes poker! They could have said, “Mitt stole $5 from his mama, took his daddy’s car, ran over 8 nuns, and blew up a Toys R Us when he was 12.” and these folks wouldn’t flinch either way. They. Are. Good.

I usually make a point to stay securely locked in my home on election night. So for me to be out amongst people whose political standings I don’t know? Jesus. JESUS BE A FENCE! ALL OF ‘EM! Although nothing major has happened, I have received looks for my magnet. The most direct (I use that word loosely here) was when I went to the ATM in Kroger one day. As I walked to my car, a woman and her husband looked at my car and she said, “Oh. An Obama sticker. Or is a magnet? Either way.” I approach my car. “Oh it’s your car.” GIRL IF YOU DON’T GET AWAY FROM MY CAR AND MY MAGNET THAT MY MAMA BOUGHT ME FOR OUR SIR AND PRESIDENT! I didn’t say anything but that’s what I was thinking. I just hit her with every last bit of my side eye. Her, “Oh” was the same one I use when I’m shading folks. Trust me, I know a shady “oh” when I hear one………..

Luckily that’s the most that has happened. I’d love to keep it that way.

Anywaysdoe, I’ll just keep listening to My Sir and Boo in Life (as I’ve been doing for most of the day) and hope for the best. 🙂

Note: I always advise against listening to Jeezy’s “My President is Black” before voting. Just trust me on that one. You’ll arrive at your designated polling place ENTIRELY too amped. We don’t want to see you on the news…..we don’t. However, I like to imagine Sir President and the Mrs. (YES LAWD) throwing up sets to that song so I do condone listening to it (and all Jeezy everythang) afterwards!


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