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Favorite Fitness Apps

FINE_ Favorite Fitness Apps

I’ve talked about my favorite apps sporadically but I’ve never sat down and talked about them…..until now!

PEDOMETER FREE – I actually don’t use this app right now but it was my go-to app on cardio days! If you (have the patience to) enter your weight and measurements two days in a row, you’re supposed to get a more accurate output. Every cardio day, I’d turn on Pandora, turn on this app and go. So why am I not using it? Unfortunately it is GPS-based so it doesn’t work when you’re on the treadmill. I would download a new app (Runtastic probably) but I plan on buying a Heart Rate Monitor when I reach my midpoint goal (163.5 pounds)!


MYFITNESSPAL – Not only do I use this app everyday, I use it throughout the day! LAWD! In addition to making logging meals more convenient, it’s also great for meal planning. Let’s say I’m out and decide to go to a restaurant. I can check calories before I order! Also, certain functions of the app actually work better than they do on the website. For example, I can just start typing a dish and it’ll auto-populate. This is nice when I’ve entered it before but it’s been a while so it doesn’t show up immediately in my list. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t access the forums and create recipes from the app. Honestly, that’s probably a good thing that I can’t access the forums!

HIIT TIMER (INTERVALS) – Every strength day, THIS is my go-to app! Praise God for this app! PRAISE. HIM. NOW! Out of the three, I actually think it’s my favorite. As I said in yesterday’s post, I perform each exercise for 1 minute (or 1 minute on each side) with 15 second breaks in between. This app allows me to do that! I have mine set so that at the beginning of each minute, 3 bells go off. At the end, 1 bell goes off. If I’ve done my complete routine correctly, the last minute of my last circuit begins with 3 whistles. I also added a 15 second warm up so that I’d be able to get in position. I LOVE THIS APP! If I had to point out something I don’t like, it would be that you have to have equal interval times. For example, I have to do a full minute on each side rather than 30 seconds each because you can’t have varying times. Okay, that’s actually not a bad thing lol! I like doing full minutes. I TRIED!

Those are my favorites, what are yours?

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