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My last post was November 27th???????? See……… -_-

I’d like to say I’ve been extremely busy or something came up but neither is the case. In fact, I’ve had quite a bit of time to post for the most part. But I won’t blame it on laziness and procrastination…..not 100%. Maybe like 5%? No? NOBODY ASKED YOU! Having time can be a problem! YES IT CAN! YOU DON’T KNOW!

I have spent a lot of time adding to an ongoing of list of ideas for posts, blog series, how to streamline my posting, how to organize my thoughts, new things I’d like to try, new goals all for this blog (as well as my life overall). Then I get super excited and think, “OH! I’m going to do this post today! Oh wait but what about that one? Or that one? Hmmmmm. I also want to do this one today. OH LAWD! HELP!”

THAT is the true problem. I have so many ideas and thoughts that I can’t focus on ONE thing at a time. I have this problem a lot honestly. Which is great when you’re trying to come up with new ideas. My job is all about ideas so it’s perfect! I’ve been able to focus myself when it comes to my work. Unfortunately, when it comes to things outside my job….I’m not quite there yet. Lol. I’ll spend hours adding to my various Google Docs I’ve created for different projects so that I can update them no matter where I am. Then by the time I need to do something, I look at the list like “Where do I start?????” O_O

Afterwards, I yell, “WHY LAWD! WHY DO I HAVE ALL THESE AMAZING IDEAS FLOATING AROUND THIS BIG SEXY BRAIN OF MINE????” and then throw myself on the floor. And then after THAT I just watch TV or hop on Twitter and don’t do anything at all. That’s more or less what has been going on every few days for the past few weeks.

In an attempt to improve my blog, I wore myself out! On the bright side, I HAVE been able to focus on everything else. I’ll do an official update post (I promise) BUT in the meantime. Guess my current weight. GUESS IT AND THEN BASK IN IT!



“WHOOP WHOOOOOP!” (All Amy. No Tina.)

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