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28-Day Abs & Legs Challenge Week 2

FINE_ 28-Day Abs & Legs Challenge

Week 1 of the 28-Day Abs & Legs Challenge is almost over! Yay! I originally planned to start on November 1st and do Week 1 for nine days. Yeah, I smooth forgot O_O

Soooooo I started on Sunday, November 3rd! For ab days, I’ve done Bicycles and Elevated Crunches. I probably won’t do High Knees or Planks because I have two variations in my workout. Also, I try not to do a lot of jumping since I live on the second floor. For leg days, I’ve done Sumo Squats and Reverse Lunges. I haven’t done the other two yet for the same reasons I mentioned above. With that said, I definitely felt like I was working harder by adding these moves. Reverse Lunges and Sumo Squats? I MIGHT KEEP DOING THESE!

This Sunday, Week 2 begins!

28-Day Abs & Legs Challenge

Week 2: 30 reps (seconds for planks)

Oh, I also missed a day. On Thursday (ab day), I got up to do Elevated Crunches, went to the bathroom first, and promptly forgot and went to bed. I didn’t even realize it until Friday morning. Oh well, things happen….

If you’re participating, how’s it going? Did you up and forget a(nother) day like I did? Are you ready for Week 2?

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