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28-Day Abs & Legs Challenge

FINE_ 28-Day Abs & Legs Challenge

The other day, a friend mentioned wanting to do a challenge for November after successfully completing one in October. I got all hopped on excitement and said I would help. After searching Pinterest (because there are challenges for DAYS on there), I remembered why I rarely do them. They tend to be:

  • Too intense to add to an existing workout.

  • Too complicated/requiring too much research to understand it.

  • Doesn’t allow for proper muscle rest.

  • I try too many small ones at once (-_-).

  • I forget….(-______-)

Then I decided to just make my own! Yay! Thick. Fine. Healthy.’s first fitness challenge!!! I kept it pretty simple with the issues above in mind. Hopefully we’ll all find a new move (or two) to add to our workouts 🙂

Here’s how it works! There are 4 days of abs and 3 days of legs. Pick ONE move from the associated list each day. Every seven days, we’ll add more reps.

Here’s the challenge (links to moves are below the challenge):

Abs & Legs Challenge

Week 1: 20 reps (seconds for plank)

Click here (planks), here ( crunches), here (bicycles), and here (high knees) for ab.

Click here (sumo squats, reverse lunges, squat jumps) and here (fire hydrant) for legs.

Since this is a 28-day abs & legs challenge, you can either start today (and do nine days for the first week) or you can wait until Sunday. If you start today, you’ll be giving yourself two free-days later in the month 😉

Are you with me (us)???

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