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Full Body Circuit Workout

FINE_ Full Body Circuit Workout

For the past year, I’ve been reworking the same workout routine……until now! After a month of trying out a split upper/lower body workout, I realized I prefer full body circuits! And after initially failing miserably, I finally got it right! In the May 2013 issue of Fitness Magazine, I saw this year’s Bikini Body Boot Camp workout. I’ve been wanting to try something that integrates cardio and strength, and this was it!

Here’s the workout I used as a template and below you’ll see what my version looks like using my HIIT Timer app:

Cardio Bursts (4 minutes total):

Set 1: High Knees
Set 2: Burpees (I don’t do the pushup and jump)
Set 3: Jump Squats (I begin with hands at sides and swing them up as I jump)
Set 4: Burpees

Note: During each set, I perform the move for 20 seconds, rest for 20, and perform it again for the remaining 20. There is a 15-second break between each set.

Strength Circuit (10 minutes total):

Set 1: Scissor Lunges (shoulders, triceps, butt, quads, calves) Two 5 lb weights
Set 2: Standing Oblique Mash-up (shoulders, back, triceps, abs, chest)
Set 3: Booty Blaster (back, butt, hamstrings, inner thighs)
Set 4-5: On Your Mark (butt, shoulders, arms, abs)
Set 6: Weighted Twists (abs, obliques, butt, legs) One 10 lb weight
Set 7: Plank Macarena (shoulders, abs)
Set 8-9: Saddlebag Scorcher (butt, outer thighs)
Set 10: Bridge Press Plus (chest, arms, abs, butt) Two 5 lb weights

Note: I perform each move for 1 minute with a 15-second break between each set.

As I said, I failed miserably when I first started developing this routine due to a combination of “going too hard in the paint” and random mishaps:

  1. I can’t do Mountain Climbers and Plyo Lunges. In fact, I almost broke my ankle (and neck) trying to do the lunges.
  2. Since my HIIT Timer app would require two separate timers for this workout, I tried to do each move in the cardio burst for a full minute. It started out okay…….then I almost died. Hello asthma……
  3. The original strength circuit used a free resistance band I received when I extended my Fitness Magazine subscription. The resistance band broke.
  4. Not to be defeated by a resistance band, I decided to do the strength routine that went with this workout. Notice I’ve never done a full workout before? That’s because I usually can’t do all of the moves. This time was no different. (I ended up combining my old routines that day).

You may have noticed that my cardio bursts and the ones in the actual workout are a little different. I need those extra seconds. Not to rest, but to breathe! I tend struggle with focusing my breathing sometimes when I’m constantly doing something different.

As for the number of days I’ll be working out, I’m not sure yet. This routine calls for three days a week and two days using this workout for extra cardio. I was able to perform the cardio workout using 4.0mph and 3.0mph as my high and low speed. However, I’d like to try doing the routine 4 days a week.

All in all, I do love my new full body circuit workout. I wanted something as challenging as working out was when I first started at 192 and I did it!

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