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Monthly Update: February 2013

 TFH_ Monthly Update February 2013

Bloated dennamug from the seitan :P

Bloated dennamug from the seitan 😛

GASP!!! Yes! I am doing a monthly update! Apparently I haven’t done an official one in months. I’ve been measuring and weighing in, I just haven’t been posting. Partially because there wasn’t significant progress (inches wise) and partially due to laziness. O_O

After last week’s “incident”, I decided to change my official checkpoint from the last Monday of the month to the first Monday. You can expect this from here on out! First, my nonscale victories aka “other progress”.

  • Remember the blazers, vests, and jackets I was excited about last summer? I can fit all of them now. Some are actually really loose now.
  • Remember the jeans I was also excited about? They are all loose now, the Old Navy pairs are even loose on my butt. THIS MUST BE HOW REALLY SKINNY PEOPLE FEEL! I’ve never experienced that. Well maybe once.
I don't appear to be much smaller in the photo on the right but look closely, the jeans and shirt are much looser.

I don’t appear to be much smaller in the photo on the right but look closely, the jeans and shirt are much looser.

  • A lot of my dresses, shirts, shirt-dresses and sweaters are loose now!


  • My rainboots are a lot looser around my calves!
  • I can fit my knee high leather boots again! Okay, they’re still a little snug on my calves BUT THEY ZIP TO THE TOP!
  • I have “skinny” neck and shoulders. I have a photo I won’t post where I look almost sickly! LOL!
  • After posting my new cardio routine (30 minutes of “Two and Ones”, 30 minutes walking), I decided to attempt 1 full hour of “Two and Ones”. The first time, I didn’t make it. Last week I made it! In fact I did it Monday and Wednesday! I ran 40 minutes!
  • After posting my new strength routine (using 8-pound weights), I realized I really needed to finally try heavier weights. I’m now up to 10-pound weights!!
  • I noticed I don’t feel “big” when I’m next to smaller people anymore. 🙂

Now for the things that didn’t go as planned.

  • I got a handle on my meat intake just in time for that nasty allergic reaction. I was afraid to eat seafood most of December which led to a lot of meat eating. My weight fluctuated a lot. I ate a lot of meat in January as well. I don’t have a reason…
  • I gained 4 pounds between Christmas and New Years due to a lot of sugar and alcohol. And by a lot I mean there was a day I had 3 cupcakes. Another day I had half a bottle of merlot -_-
  • If I don’t go straight to the gym, I probably won’t go because IT IS COLD! JESUS WHY! Why are “Arctic blasts”, snow, single digit temperatures, and negative wind chills real things???
  • If I don’t go to the gym, the likelihood of me doing a workout DVD is also low. With that said, I did do a workout video on Friday. Which leads me to…
  • I am extremely uncoordinated and now I remember why I don’t take classes. Unfortunately, I keep planning to take a yoga class. I’ve missed it twice. :/
  • Despite not having trouble with wheat, seitan (wheat gluten) almost took me smooth out the game!
  • I have not beat asthma. I absolutely have to remember to take my inhaler before every workout at this point. *shakes fist*

Okay, so things didn’t go that bad lol! 😀



Because it’s been so long since I’ve done an official checkpoint, I’ll skip the recap of the last one. As of Monday, February 4, 2013, these are the numbers!

Weight: 157.4 pounds

Bust: 37″

Waist: 30.5″/31″/33″

Hips: 42″

Thighs: 24.5″/24.5″

Overall: Lost 34.6 pounds and 15 inches since March 26, 2012 (my official start date).

Weigh-in Day: Again, I don't appear to be much smaller but the clothes are looser!

Weigh-in Day: Again, I don’t appear to be much smaller but the clothes are looser!


  • I’ve lost just under 35 pounds! THIRTY-FIVE POUNDS! The last time I remember weighing anywhere my current weight was about this time in 2009. *runs in circles*
  • In addition to losing 2″ from my bust, I have news. December 2012, I was a 36C (according to the girl at Victoria’s Secret*). As of January 2013, I’m a 34DD** (according to the girl at Victoria’s Secret and all the bras I tried on)! *shimmies* THEY ACTUALLY MOVE WHEN I SHIMMY NOW! Excuse me…..
  • I’ve lost 4″ off my waist! Also, you’ll notice there are now three numbers because I wasn’t measuring my natural waist. I was so focused on the biggest part of my belly that I ignored it! What??!?! 30.5″ is my natural waist measurement. 31″ is my sucked in measurement. 33″ is my relaxed measurement. The last two measurements were taken around the largest part of my waist (around the belly button).
  • I’ve also lost 4″ off my hips/butt. I still have hips and booty! YASSSSSSSS!
  • I’ve lost 2.5″ from each of my thighs. I still have thighs OWN DECK! I don’t think I will ever not have big thighs! I love them

Overall I am extremely proud of myself. This is how I feel when I look at my progress!

*/**They actually measured me at a 36D in December 2012 but the D’s were too loose. Considering the D fits now is proof that the numbers were a little off on their end that time.

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