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Getting Fine: The ‘My Waist Small, My Booty Big’ Workout

Fine_ My Waist Small My Booty Big Workout

My back tight. My thighs right.

My waist small. My booty big.

I’m in this thang. SIR 2 CHAINZ JIG!*

Okay, so there is some truth in that:

  • My waist, back and thighs are much smaller.

  • My booty looks like, “Hey boo”.

  • And Sir 2 Chainz’ jig still makes me happy!

My body has come a LONG way since April 2012. With that said, there are a couple areas that need a bigger push:


My (lack of) abs. My obliques tend to slim down pretty quickly. Unfortunately my “six pack” zone is about that, “I DO WHAT I WANT” life. My obliques are “All Hourglass Everythang” and my abs are like, “Que?!” And I am not here for it!


My back. My upper back fat is pretty much gone and the large roll that used to be above my butt is a distant memory. Unfortunately, my middle back (under my bra) is having a rude party with my stomach.

With that said, my stomach is currently the smallest it has ever been. My back only has ONE defined roll making this the best it has ever looked! I think it is important to point out the positive because it is an EXTREME difference from where I started!!! 🙂

The last workout I posted worked great for most of my body but I wanted to push those two areas a little harder. So I went back and came up with a new workout! This routine is different from all the others in that:

  • there is no real cardio. Instead there are three days of nice, intense circuit training in conjunction with my daily jump roping. Despite the lack of cardio routine, there are still a few cardio burst moves to get my heart rate up while strengthening different muscles.

  • there are 30-second sets. Instead of 1-minute sets, I’ve cut them in half in hopes that I’ll be able to work harder for the whole workout. Sometimes I’d get tired and I felt I wasn’t pushing myself the same. Plus there are almost twice the moves in this routine! I also get bored during that minute sometimes. One thing hasn’t changed: The 15-second breaks are here to stay.

This is the first time I didn’t have to tweak a workout after trying it out. I felt like I hit every muscle at some point and I think the additions will have me looking like PRAISE GOD in no time!!!!

The ‘My Waist Small, My Booty Big’ Workout :p

Equipment: Two 5-lb weights, One 8-lb weight, and a stability ball.

  1. Burpees (legs, butt, arms, chest, shoulders)

  2. Booty Blaster (back, butt, hamstrings, inner thighs)

  3. Standing Oblique Mash-up (shoulders, back, triceps, abs, chest)

  4. Back Extensions (back, abs, butt) Stability Ball

  5. Scissor Lunges (shoulders, arms, butt, legs) Two 5-lb weights

  6. Jump Squats (abs, butt, legs)

  7. Bent-Over Rows (back, shoulders, arms) Two 5-lb weights

  8. Bird Dog (back, abs, butt)

  9. Weighted Twists (abs, obliques, butt, legs) One 8-lb weight

  10. Plank Macarena (shoulders, abs)

  11. Dumbbell Swing (shoulders, back, abs, butt, hamstrings) One 8-lb weight

  12. Saddlebag Scorcher (butt, outer thighs)

  13. Bridge Press Plus (chest, arms, abs, butt) Two 5-lb weights

Total Circuit: 42 minutes (includes rests)

If you’re using a HIIT Timer, you’ll want to set it for 56 sets of 30-second high intensity with 15-second low intensity. Also keep in mind that there are actually 14 sets per circuit since the Saddlebag Scorcher is done on each side. And that these weights are based on my personal fitness level.

As I said, I loved what the last workout did for my body so I tried to keep as many moves as I could. The ones that were replaced were not necessarily ineffective. I just happened to find something similar that I felt would work better. Here’s to new workouts! *raises water jug* 😉

What changes have you considered making to your workout? Or have you already found the perfect workout for your body?


*I got bars, folk! 😛

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