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The ‘My Waist Small, My Booty Big’ Workout Remix

Fine_ My Waist Small, My Booty Big' Workout Remix

Yes, I changed my workout again…I DO WHAT I WANT!

Seriously though*, before I share the workout remix (old version here), I’ll share the changes:

Burpees – Gone! I love burpees but they made me feel bad about jumping because I live on the second floor. Also, they hurt my hands.

Booty Blaster – Gone! I didn’t feel they did much.

Scissor Lunges – Half gone! I liked these but I felt like I wasn’t doing my lunges properly. Also, they wore me out which affected another change.

Jump Squats – Half gone! Again…the jumping thing. Also, I found out these work your legs but not your butt. I wanted to work BOTH.

Plank Macarena – Kind of gone but not really! These hurt my hands like burpees. Also I found cooler plank modifications!

The ‘My Waist Small, My Booty Big’ Workout REMIXXXXXXXXXXX

Equipment: Two 5-lb weights, One 8-lb weight, and a stability ball.

  1. Grasshoppers (shoulders, back, chest, arms, abs)
  2. Standing Oblique Mash-up (shoulders, back, triceps, abs, chest)
  3. Back Extensions (back, abs, butt) Stability Ball
  4. Lunges (butt, legs)
  5. Squats (butt, legs)
  6. Bent-Over Rows (back, shoulders, arms) Two 5-lb weights
  7. Bird Dog (back, abs, butt)
  8. Weighted Twists (abs, obliques, butt, legs) One 8-lb weight
  9. Suicide Planks (shoulders, back, chest, arms, abs)
  10. Dumbbell Swing (shoulders, back, abs, butt, hamstrings) One 8-lb weight
  11. Saddlebag Scorcher (butt, outer thighs)
  12. Bridge Press Plus (chest, arms, abs, butt) Two 5-lb weights

Total Circuit: 39 minutes (includes rests)

If you’re using a HIIT Timer, you’ll want to set it for 52 sets of 30-second high intensity with 15-second low intensity. Also keep in mind that there are actually 13 sets per circuit since the Saddlebag Scorcher is done on each side. And that these weights are based on my personal fitness level.

Wondering why I chose the moves I chose? Here’s why:

Grasshoppers – I needed to work my abs and back more and YASSSSSSSSSS! (I’ve been doing them like Mountain Climbers so I still need to get my legs right -_-)

Lunges – Sometimes simple is better. I noticed I am more stable which helps my form.

Squats – Again, sometimes simple is better.

Suicide Planks – Again, I needed to work my abs and back more and MY GOD! This move is another reasons I decided to switch to regular lunges. I’m not going to lie, this move is HARD. The only thing that keeps me from giving up and falling on my face is…..falling on my face (and breaking my glasses).

Having done this version of the workout, I notice I roll through it better. I’m fatigued but I don’t feel exhausted or like I can’t make it. Also, I’m sore afterwards. I HAVEN’T BEEN SORE IN MONTHS. It’s a pleasant, “You worked it on out.” soreness though. Not a, “I have to pee but my legs/butt are too sore and this is a public restroom so I’ll just hold it.” soreness. Nobody needs the latter version O_O

Anybody else making ongoing tweaks or am I just crazy**?


*That gif is from Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Tour. It was part of an animation projected on a screen during “Grown Woman”. It was one of my favorite looks for the song 🙂

**I think we all know I am (more than) a little unhinged. 😛

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