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Getting Fine: Workout Revamp #5

FINE_ Workout Revamp #5


Yes, I’ve changed my workout again but unlike the others, this is a completely new routine! I’ve been just under 155 for a few weeks now, which is important for several reasons:
  • I was 157 for a couple months. I kept insisting it was not a plateau. I figured it was due to my increased meat eating. It was both.
  • Weighing under 155 means that I’m less than 20 pounds away from my goal weight! Get into my awesome!!!
  • I’d planned to totally switch up my workout when I got within 20 pounds of my goal and that time is NOW!
I’ll address my first bullet point in my next food diary post. For now, let’s get into my new workout routines! Yes there are two of them! (Let’s not get into my excessive use of exclamation points.)
I’ve been wanting to split my strength routine into upper versus lower body days and last weekend, I finally did it! What I ended up with was two much shorter circuits with each move being performed for one minute* with a 15-second break. I spent last week try it out and revising. By Wednesday, I was SORE DENNAMUG! LAWD! Oh the revisions that had to be made. I wanted the circuits to be intense and I succeed. What you see below is what I developed through trial and error after peeling myself off the floor.
Upper Body Cardio = 33 minutes
Two and Ones: 10 sets with 2-minute warm up and 2-minute cool down.
Upper Body Circuit = 21 minutes (performed 3x)
Strap Happy Shaper (shoulders, upper and middle back, abs)
Dumbbell Swing (shoulders, back, abs, butt, hamstrings) One 10-pound weight
Bridge Press Plus (chest, arms, abs, butt) One 10-pound weight
Shoulder Press with Rotation (Shoulders, triceps) One 10-pound weight
Plank Twist and Pushup (shoulders, back, arms, chest, abs) 
*Side Bend Shoulder Press (abs, shoulders, obliques) One 10-pound weight
WIth this circuit, I tried to minimize using my lower body as much as I could. So here are the modifications:
  • Dumbbell Swing – I don’t squat as deep, just enough for stability.
  • Bridge Press Plus – I only use one weight rather than two. I’d use two 5-pound weights but they aren’t always available. Two 7.5-pound weights were way too much after the first set.
  • Shoulder Press with Rotation – Again, I just use one 10-pound weight for the same reasons as the above.
  • Plank Twist – This became A Little Plank Here, A Little Twist There. I cannot even drop down to do the pushup! Lol! Also, I can’t hold a full plank for 60 seconds. This move will be about improvement. Eventually, I’ll do something for the full 60 seconds. For now, I just do what I can. 🙂
  • I originally planned to perform the circuit 4 times, which I did last Monday. I was so tired that the last circuit didn’t go well.
Lower Body Cardio = 32 minutes

Inclined Walk: 5% inclined walking with 2-minute warm up and 2-minute cool down.

Lower Body Circuit = 24 minutes (performed 2x)

*Carving Curls (butt, hamstrings) One 1-pound weight
Lateral Lunge with Twist (abs, obliques, butt, thighs, legs) One 10-pound weight
*Pelvic Scoop (lower back, rectus and transversus abdominis, obliques, butt)
*Single Leg Deadlift (butt, hamstrings) One 10-pound weight
*Split-Squat Curls (abs, obliques, butt, legs) One 10-pound weight
*On Your Mark (shoulders, arms, abs, and butt)
Weighted Twist (abs, obliques, butt, legs) One 10-pound weight
WIth this circuit, I tried to minimize using my upper body as much as possible. Here are the modifications:
  • Carving Curls – I do these as is. The modification is that THIS was the original move. I couldn’t do it full and it took the majority of my energy trying. By the second set, I was over life! Carving curls are harder than they look.
  • Single Leg Deadlift – I use one weight rather than two. I’m actually going to try using 7.5 pound weights for this one to see if I can. Wish me luck!
  • Split-Squat Curls – Imagine my surprise when I learned I was bending deep enough into my curls. My bad!
  • On Your Mark – DID YOU SEE THOSE??? I CAN DO THAT! WITHOUT MODIFICATION! Just thought I’d share 😀
  • Weighted Twist – I’ve loved this move for months for my abs but it wasn’t working for my butt and legs. I decided that after every 4 twists, I’ll do a squat.

Other modifications:

  • I’ve gone back to scheduling my workouts. Although going everyday I was able to worked out great and helped me get used to going to the gym regularly, I often felt worn out. 
  • As you can see, the revised routine takes four days to complete. I think rest days will help me A LOT! Wednesdays will be my only true rest day. On the weekends, I’ll take leisure walks now that the weather is improving! (I’m lying. The weather is being rude and fake improving -_-)
  • I won’t be working out for a full hour anymore, more like 54-56 minutes….which is an hour when you include stretching!

*Moves with an asterisk in front are performed for 2 minutes, one minute on each side.

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