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Getting Fine

FINE_ Getting Fine

Getting Fine refers to working out. Or in the words of Fergie, “Be(ing) up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness!” 

Get into my thick fine-ness! BAOW!

Get into my thick fine-ness! BAOW! (Taken mid-November 2012)

In November, I started something a little different. Rather than planning my off days, I began going to the gym everyday I was able to. In doing so, I made it to the gym more days each week. I actually met my 5 days a week goal most weeks!


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (and sometimes Sunday) is a cardio day. I work out for one hour. The first 30 minutes include a 2 minute warm up followed by “Two and Ones”. Afterwards I walk for the remainder of the hour.

“Two and Ones” consists of running for 2 minutes and then resting for 1 minute. I repeat the set 10 times. I love this workout because I can easily run 2 minutes without wanting to scream, “WHY LAWD! JESUS HELP! I CAN’T MAKE IT!” The one-minute breaks give me the chance to have a sip of water and catch my breathe without my heart rate dropping much. I’m still burning calories while I’m just standing there! On the other hand, I also have to remember not to twerk depending on the song playing through my headphones -_-


Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is a strength day. I spend one hour toning all this thick fine-ness! Check me out!

Combo Circuit Training #4 

Excluding the backwards walking, I still complete the above as fast-paced circuit routine. Each move is performed for one minute with the exception of two. The starred moves are performed for one minute on each side. The Strap Happy Shaper is performed for 20 reps with a 10-second break in the middle. The Pelvic Scoop is performed for 10 reps on each side.

After not working out much for the last few weeks (due holiday laziness followed by a very busy week and a half at work), Thursday was the first day I did my entire strength routine this year. LAWD! I DID GOOD WITH THIS ONE! I felt like I was going so hard in the paint! YE’EN GOING AS HARD AS ME! I PROMISE! Well you might be but still 😛

This current weekly routine makes me feel so powerful and challenged. I’m usually listening to My Sir and Boo in Life (still Jeezy)’s Pandora station. Between my routine and Sir Boo’s voice, I always feel like the baddest in the school and the baddest in the game. I’M IN FIRST PLACE! I’M IN FIRST PLACE! BAD CHICK CONTEST I STAY IN FIRST PLACE! Word to Old Nicki as well as Our Illustrious Sir 2 Chainz and Sir Patron Saint Kanye! Seriously though, after my workouts you can’t tell me I’m not the baddest. YOU CAN’T!

That’s my workout plan, what’s yours?

**Walking backwards without an incline is beneficial too, just remember to stay on your toes. Also, it’s easier on your hands. 🙂

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