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Getting Healthy: Helping the Food Police Help Themselves

Healthy_ Helping Food  Police Help Themselves

A How-To Guide

Quick recap!

Sense of Authority + Info Overload + Negative Experiences = THE FOOD POLICE

Now I’m not saying that The Food Police are always wrong. Plenty of them are sharing great information. The problem is in the delivery (which I’ll get to another time). Nobody likes to be told they’re wrong. And I think we can all agree that nobody likes to be attacked: physically or verbally. Everytime you attack someone’s food habits, you’re not helping them, inspiring them, or teaching them. You’re actually doing more harm than good:

  • You’re alienating them. Let’s say you worked hard and lost a gang of weight. Everybody is commenting on how great you look and you’re loving it. Then it happens, it’s time to eat and they want the usual. You could go with it and treat yourself, or find something healthy on the menu. Instead you choose to tell them how horrible they are for still eating that mess.

  • You’re hurting them. Same senario except this time, it’s Christmas. Your family has been cooking all day and it’s time to eat the same great food you eat every Christmas. Instead of just watching your portions (because you knew the menu), you use this as a time to practice “tough love”. Never mind this food was cooked with love and you hadn’t bothered to help.

  • You’re discouraging them. Let’s say that girl buying all that fresh produce just picked up her Pepsi. She’s so proud of herself but she still really likes Pepsi. She usually gets a 2-liter but she gets a 20-ounce today. And then you lay into her about ruining it. Suddenly she’s wondering why she even tried.

  • You’re shaming them. Yep. Remember how it felt when thinner people mistreated you by making you feel ashamed of yourself? Well, congratulations! You’re one of them!


So how do you stop? Well you can’t! This is your life now!

I’m kidding! It’s never too late to change how you treat people (just don’t be surprised if they act leery of you):

  • When eating out, find a healthy option on the menu. You may have to get creative.

  • Offer to split a meal with someone. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself.

  • Eat before you go. You’ll eat less.

  • Watch your portions, starting with mostly vegetables.
  • Carry snacks.

  • Offer to cook something. Bringing a healthy dish that fits in with the rest of the meal is a good way to get people to try something new.

  • Focus on the positive. Old habits die hard. Adding new ones makes it easier to eliminate old ones.

Notice how NONE of those involved being negative. People will notice and they’ll slowly try new things when they’re ready. There is a lot to be said for leading by example.

If you realized you have some Food Police-like tendencies, don’t beat yourself. Let’s just work together tto change it 🙂

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