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Living the Dream

HEALTHY_ Living The Dream

Ever since Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” video, I’ve had a dream. A dream of rocking shorts and thigh high boots AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

Short Shorts, Thigh Highs (Trina voice)

Short Shorts, Thigh Highs (“Long Hair, Red Bottoms” Trina voice)

Aside from sharing my thighs all wrapped in YAS LAWD, I wanted to talk about why “vanity goals” are a very necessary thing when you’re in the process of getting THICK. FINE. HEALTHY.

Under my goals tab, there are 3 lists. The third list includes my “vanity goals”. What’s that mean? Think about something you’ve always wanted to wear or be able to do but couldn’t because of your size. Or maybe you used to be able to and you’re new weight prevents you. See how goofy my list is? You probably read a few items and thought, “Ma’am……….” BUT guess who isn’t upset because they’ve been hovering around around the same 3 pounds for a few months? *looks around and points at self*

I’m still losing inches despite not losing much weight-wise. Also, I’m working on changes that will (hopefully) push the scale. But the one thing I’m NOT doing is beating myself up about a number on the scale. LOOK AT ME!  I wore that outfit feeling like the baddest! I’m over here draped up and dripped out in YES GAWD! MY FINENESS TOO LOUD, I CAN’T HEAR YA!

*parks it like it’s hot* because it is

The best part of reaching this goal is that I always thought I’d have to be at my goal weight (135 pounds)! I wasn’t even able to fit thigh high boots at my smallest weight. However, in December of 2011, I saw those boots on sale for $40 (regular price $110) and I bought them anyway. Every few months, I tried them on waiting until I could fit them properly. The first time I was able to wear them was in April. And when I tried on the shorts one Saturday morning in May, I didn’t expect them to fit at all. THESE SHORTS ARE A SIZE 9! A 9! I only tried them on because I wanted to see how much further I had to go. I was going to buy them anyway because they were $12*. Imagine my excitement when they fit perfectly! IMAGINE IT!

I’m still just under 20 pounds from my goal weight (i was 154.2 in that photo) but I walked around like, “Let me wobble on the flo’ one time for the 2013 because I’M IN THIS THANG!”

Getting nutritionally and physically fit are important but getting happy (or happier) is what really counts. “Vanity goals” are the ones that make our spirit happy. They’re the goals we’ve (not so) secretly wished for. And they’re a fun result of working towards your fitness goals.

Yes it’s been over a year and I’m not at my goal weight yet. But who cares?!!!! I’m living the dream! I’m ‘bout to be parkin’ it like it’s hot for the duration of the summer, fall, and probablly winter because I’m ignorant and y’all will deal!


*I buy sale/clearance clothing even if I can’t fit into it 100% yet. Bottoms under $20 and tops under $10. 

**Because who doesn’t love this song? (Skip to the 30 second mark if you just want to see the shorts and thigh highs)

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