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Getting Healthy: Stay Out of Other People’s Refrigerators

Healthy_ Stay Out Other Peoples Refrigerators

A How-To Guide

What does other people’s food have to do with me and you? NOTHING! Which is why you should do the following….

Stay. Out. Of. Other. People’s. Refrigerators, grocery carts/baskets, freezers, deep freezers, mini-fridges, cabinets, pantries, plates, lunch boxes and anywhere else people store their food prior eating it.

As I mentioned in this post, the majority of the arguments I see (related to weight loss) have to do with food. And most of them begin with a (an unexaggerated) statement like:

  • “OMG this lady had 5 gallons of milk. What is she going to do with all that milk? And it was all whole milk!”

  • “This girl had all these fresh vegetables in her cart and then at the register she gets a Pepsi. Way to ruin a good job!”

  • “I just saw a girl grab tofu at the grocery store and when she saw me looking, she smiled at me. Ugh, I hate vegetarians. So judgmental.”

  • “I can’t believe you still eat that/there.”

  • “You don’t drink/smoke/hookah/take medication/use dietary aids? But you still eat at McDonald’s! Oh…..okay…..”

And end with WWII½: Food Warfare.

On one side of that war, you have The Food Police. On the other side, you have Everybody Else. If you read those five statements and didn’t see a problem, you might be a part of The Food Police. If your responses are closer to these, then you’re probably with Everybody Else:

  • “This lady has 5 gallons of milk. She must have a big family or she’s cooking for a lot of people. I wonder if she makes pie. Does whole milk go in pie? Mmmmmm! Pie!”

  • “Do I want a Pepsi today? Naw I’m good. But that swiss chard looks good dennamug!”

  • “Why is this chick mugging me? She must not like tofu. She probably had that bland tofu from PF Chang’s when you get the stir fried Buddha Feast. WHY DON’T THEY MARINATE IT AT ALL? I SHOULD COMPLAIN!”

  • “Naw, I’m good.”


Now I’m not saying those are the only proper responses BUT did you notice that none of them are negatively judging the other person* and most of them are personal thoughts? While The Food Police tend to judge every food choice, Everybody Else is all Stevie Everythang (Wonder. No J.)! Not because we’re either oblivious or selfish, but because we see the value in not attacking people. We found other ways to get through to people…like sharing our experiences through this young fun, informative blog! 🙂

So what causes people to join The Food Police? I’m sure nobody wakes up and says, “I’M GOING TO JUDGE ALL THE FOOD! ALL OF IT!” As I said in this post, I think it’s gotten out of hand because some people have a false sense of authority over the lives of others. This is due to the accessibility we have into each others’ lives through social media (and other modes of communication).

Also we’re inundated with information. It’s 2013. We might not have flying cars (-_-) but we got information OWN DECK! And a lot of it is either outdated, generalized or biased:


  • Outdated: “Spinach is high in iron.” The most accepted story is that some chemist made a typo leading everyone to think spinach was 10 times higher in iron than it really is. For whatever reason, most people never heard/shared the rest of the story. So if you don’t like spinach, you’re in luck. You can eat a gang of other foods and still be all hopped up on iron!

  • Generalized: “Carbs are bad.” Refined carbs that is. Complex carbs like whole grains, legumes (beans) and a bunch of fruits and vegetables are great for you! They’re full of hunger-satisfying, body-loving nutrients. Plus they taste like Jesus screamed, “YASSSSSSSSSSSS!”

  • Biased: “This is the ONLY way to eat healthy.” No! Just no! If there was one single “diet” that worked for everyone, it would be Clean Eating. Which is just cooking from scratch. Most people could be totally healthy if they switched out all/most of their highly processed foods and practiced portion control. Any other dietary restrictions’ effectiveness will vary person to person.

And on top of ALL that, we have individual life experiences that influence your personality. Unfortunately, a lot of those experiences can leave people with scars resulting in them becoming very critical of themselves and everyone else…and not in a good way. Commonalities that all members of The Food Police display include:

  • attacking others’ food choices (healthy or not),

  • needing to feel superior (better, smarter, or happier),

  • and/or projecting their own flaws (whether real or perceived) on others.

So to recap:

Sense of Authority + Info Overload + Negative Experiences = THE FOOD POLICE

But it doesn’t have to be that way…….stay tuned!


*Except PF Chang’s. THAT DISH IS BLAND! AND THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED! And although I still have McDonald’s fries from time to time (usually while traveling), the only other thing I’ll order is a parfait or side salad (with balsamic vinegrette). Not because it’s evil but because all this clean eating has killed my taste for the burgers, blah! The chicken was still okay 😛

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