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What is Clean Eating?


I talk a lot about clean eating and pescetarianism because that’s what works for me….but you don’t have to eat what I eat. That’s because there is NOT just one way to eat healthy. There are tons of dietary options and believe it or not, many of them can be both healthy and nonrestrictive. Many of them even follow the same fundamentals as my favorite….clean eating!

So what is clean eating?

It’s about eating food straight from MOTHA (Earth not Beyonce)…or as close to it as possible. It’s basically how everyone ate before the food companies went all GROVEEEEEEE STREETTTTTTTTTTTT* and decided they could the job better.

For some people, that means never buying anything that’s packaged. If it didn’t come directly from MOTHA, they won’t even look at it. For me, that means buying as many unprocessed ingredients as possible. When I do buy packaged goods, I always check the ingredients’ label. If that list isn’t a combo of items straight from MOTHA, I’m throwing it back on the shelf and hoping nothing falls.

I also use the Fooducate app. The app gives you a letter-based score as well as alternatives. The app isn’t specifically for clean eating but in most cases, the A+ through A- rated products also tend to be the cleanest!

Clean Eating with Fooducate

via screenshot

Clean Eating with Fooducate

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How restrictive is it?

It’s the least restrictive option! The only thing you’re eliminating from your body is a bunch of chemicals you didn’t need anyway! And the longer you do it, the less you’ll crave the processed versions of your favorite foods!

Why’s it so great about it?

You can literally have your cake and eat it too! I’m more serious than TIP. Your body will go from feeling like “Resentment” to “1+1” and  “Love on Top” just by changing how your food is prepared. Seriously, your body will be all:

Who doesn’t want their body to feel like that? WHO I SAY?!!


*climbs down off piano*

Still don’t know if you can commit?

Let’s say you love cake….because who doesn’t?! YOU CAN HAVE CAKE! So long as said cake is made from unrefined scratch. That means:

  • No box cakes. NONE!

  • No refined sugary-like things. You need (organic) pure sugar cane only.

  • No enriched flour. Enriched flours (and grains) have been processed and stripped of their nutrients.

  • No chemically-altered versions of whatever else goes into the cake you’re imagining (I’m imagining chocolate).

Just don’t take it as a license to eat cake all the time…that’s not a good idea.

So how will I lose weight?

Through portion control and keeping these things in mind:

  • Stick with lean meat. When you can, buy organic. Eat grassfed beef.

  • Be wary of farm-raised fish. Watch mercury levels, shellfish and smaller fish tend to absorb less mercury.

  • Whole grains are full of fiber and protein to keep you satiated. There are also hundreds of them and UEONO it!

  • Beans (dry) are good for you. And once your body gets used to the fiber, they won’t make you gassy. Another large fiber+protein family, try them all! Buy organic when you can.

  • Fill half your plate with vegetables. Try them in every preparation possible (raw, steamed, sauteed, braised, roasted, etc), just don’t overcook them!

  • Sugar is good, especially when it comes from fruit. Buy seasonal (it’s cheaper). If you can’t buy organic, try to buy locally. Just don’t go crazy…there’s still a lot of sugar in some of them.

  • Make nice with greek yogurt, milk, cheese, eggs, and everybody else in the dairy family. They’re a good source of protein and other nutrients including healthy fats.

  • Yes! Healthy fats are a thing. And you need them. Nuts, seeds, oils, olives and avocados, and fatty fish.

  • And if you have to eat processed foods, eat them sporadically and in small quantities. Let’s not pretend it’ll never happen! You’re going to still like what you like, the point is to eat as clean as possible.

About my personal experience with clean eating:

I don’t eat 100% clean. Everything I make at home is, but if I’m eating out or at work, I let go and let God. That’s not a bad thing though! For instance, I can no longer eat McDonald’s beef, it’s disgusting to me now. Twinkies and other snack or boxed cakes taste funny. As do most boxed foods. White bread tastes blah. I can taste food coloring (eww). Most chips are too salty. Bottled juice is way too sweet (was never a huge soda drinker anyway). Some ice cream brands (and other milk-based products) have a weird aftertaste.

See how much I’ve eliminated because I just don’t like it anymore? Not because “the diet said so”!

With that said, there are a lot of things I do still enjoy (from time to time). Cookie and cream cupcakes made with Oreos. McDonald’s french fries and parfaits. Some fast food chicken products. Ketchup and assorted dipping sauces. KitKats. Totally not clean. And that’s okay! I don’t beat myself up about it and neither should you 🙂

Have you tried clean eating? What did/didn’t you like about it?

Great Sources for Clean Eating

The Gracious Pantry


Tosca Reno

Jillian Michaels’ “Master Your Metabolism”



*If you listen to the GROVEEEEEEE STREETTTTTTTTTTTT link, it personifies the food industry very well 🙂

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