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Getting Thick. Fine. Healthy.: Fresh Start

TFH_ Fresh Start

It’s been about a year and four months since I started working on my fitness goals. Don’t worry, this is not a “new year, new me” post. I kind of hate that phrase. Instead, this is a post about changes…and lots of them.

When I’m working*, I’ve noticed that sometimes starting over is the best way to finish a project. Otherwise, all the layers from my past attempts are right there staring at me. Preventing me from figuring out how to complete it.

Applying that same thought pattern to my fitness goals, when I’m not seeing progress, I just need to start over. When I’m working, I’ll just close the file, make a new one, and start from scratch. Except now, I’m armed with the experience from my “failed” attempts. They’re no longer there taunting me. They’re just in the back of my mind to remind me of what didn’t work. WHY DIDN’T I THINK TO DO THAT SOONER???

Below I’ll share the details of my Fresh Start** but first, here’s a look at my current weight and measurements as of July 10th. And since I’ve neglected to post regular updates, here’s a look at my lowest weight and measurements of the year from May 10th.

Fresh Start Weight/Measurements

Fresh Start Weight/Measurements

As you can see, I’ve gained almost 5 pounds and about 5 inches. In my defense, I was bloated that morning but I decided recording these numbers would help motivate me! Look at me recording my bloating rather than trying to hide it!


I’m bout to be Thick!

  • New Daily Calorie Goals: In support of my new workout schedule (explained below), I’ve increased my calorie goals from 1500 a day to 1977 on intense workout days and 1680 on “boost” days. If I know I’m not working out at all, I’ll be eating around1532. Why? Because I did this calculation again and realized I wasn’t eating enough. Explains why I haven’t been losing weight (or even inches).
  • Eating Safe Meat: I’ve put aside my thoughts of becoming a “Full For Real Tho” vegetarian. Why? Because I love meat! True enough I can just eat seafood but it’s expensive here…and I’m cheap! So I’ve decided to start figuring out which meats don’t wreck havoc on my stomach and blow me up like a Macy’s Day Parade float. So far ground turkey is a strong maybe! NELLY TRIED TO TELL ME!

I’m bout to be Fine (dennamug)!

  • New Workout Schedule: A couple weeks ago, I posted my new workout plan. I love it! What I didn’t love was that I couldn’t get in a groove because I was exhausted and went on two trips within two weeks of each other. The new daily calorie goals reflect the new schedule!
    • MWF – Intense Circuit Training (1977-calorie goal)
    • TuThSaSu – Up to 30 minutes of cardio to include jump roping, walking/running, mini trampoline jumping, or a DVD (1680-calorie goal)
    • Strength Over Cardio: I’m trying to incorporate more strength because it’ll help me look leaner faster. The best way I thought to do that (with the amount of fat I still have) is to combine the two with workouts that both focus on strength.
    • Jump roping: Yes! I bought a jump rope! The package says 12 minutes a day/5 days a week burns 650 calories. I figure 12 minutes a day/4 times a week is a nice added boost!

I’m bout to be Healthy!

  • More Visuals, Less Numbers: Since I’m closer to my goal, I’ll lose slower (not that I lost fast to begin with). So I’m going to focus on what I see in the mirror than on the numbers. The reason I stopped posting updates is that the numbers were either the same or very close so I’d wait until I made more progress. NO MORE! You’ll get updates and like it! Just know it might be all about how my booty looks in these young shorts!
  • Naked Body Roll Tour: Along with focusing less on numbers, I’m also not going to worry about hitting my goal weight. My true measure of, “I’ve reached my goal, bow down in my presence because you are looking at a queen and boss,” is to have a flat stomach. So if I’m 140 or 145 with a flat belly, then guess what. I’M BOUT TO NAKED BODY ROLL MY WAY ACROSS TIMELINES, BLOG POSTS AND AMERICA! I’m lying. I’ll be in a bikini.
  • Break Up with MFP****: I love MyFitnessPal. I think it was a great tool in helping me understand a lot about daily meal planning. But I’m kind of over it. I am at a point where I don’t really need it as much. I’ll continue using it a bit since I just updated my calories but I’m going to give it a rest besides calculating recipes, recording workouts, and sharing short amounts of info. It’s proof that I’ve actually adopted healthy eating habits!
  • Share Failure: In addition to, “LOOK AND GOD AND MY BOOTY BECAUSE YASSSSSSS!” I’ll also be posting things like, “Why do these shorts look like PRAISE GOD on my booty but awful around my skinny line? WHYYYYY?” because it’s life! And life is weird. And clothes are weirder. I’m over here stuntin’ in the mirror because I can fit a gang of old clothes only to slap a pair of shorts that look like 😀 and O_o AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. It makes no sense but it’s not the end of the world. What I’m getting at is you need to just expect me to throw myself across your keyboard and scream, “WHY LAWD!” and then turn around and proclaim that I’m the baddest to ever do it. Because I am!

Now that that’s all planned out, I’m ready like Freddy AND Spongebob to see where this Fresh Start takes me.

*I’m an Art Director. I work in advertising.

**Despite my Fresh Start don’t expect me to reset my MFP weight loss ticker. NAW!

***The first number is the widest part of my stomach around my belly button. The second is my natural waist. From now on, I’m only recording the true number (whereas before I also recorded the “sucked in” number….YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE).

****I’m over MFP because of the social aspect. I love social media but there is one thing I hate. Polarizing attitudes. I hate the bickering in forums about other people’s food choices. I also don’t like how people respond to questions. I swear some people wake up to be as useless/annoying/fake offended as possible. And I also don’t like people who ask for help, receive great info, ignore ALL OF IT, and then complain. This may be a case where I need to just delete people from my friends’ list and never read the forums again but I think I’ll just focus on living my life. I don’t plan to log my food for the rest of my life anyway 🙂

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