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Getting Thick. Fine. Healthy.: Quarterly Progress Report #1

Progress Report #1

In July, I made a “Fresh Start” as far as how I reach my weight loss goals. This is my first official update since that post (I kind of did one in September). I decided a quarterly progress report would be better for two reasons:

  • A lot (or a lot of nothing) can happen in a month.

  • Much like Craig’s girlfriend (from Friday), I be forgetting……….with no one to remind me.


In the past, I started with what went great, then what went wrong (because it’s okay if things go wrong. It’s a learning experience). From now on, I’ll be breaking it down by the three parts that make up Thick. Fine. Healthy. So without further ado….MY PROGRESS REPORT!

About Getting Thick!

  • I broke up with MyFitnessPal (in this post). I’m so proud of how far I’ve come with meal planning and portion control! And since I no longer log my food…

  • I got rid of calorie goals. Like I said, I’ve come a long way. I don’t know how many calories I eat each day. I just know I need to have more food on workout days!

  • I got a handle on my meat eating. No, I didn’t suddenly just “get it right”, DELICIOUS RIBS ALMOST TOOK ME OUT THE GAME. When I eat out, I try to combine a not-so-healthy meat with healthy sides (or I find a healthy meal). For example, I’ll get a ½ slab (6 ribs from Lockhart’s BBQ) with vinaigrette cole slaw and sweet potato fries. Then I split it into two servings. Unfortunately, that was just too much pork. I’d had a pork chop (trying to not get the ribs -_-) earlier in the day, ribs for dinner, ribs for breakfast the next day. The result was the most bloating I’ve experienced in a long time. I just knew my stomach was going to explode! I’ll save you the details of how I relieved it but it involved a fiber-rich smoothie and castor oil. MY GOD!

  • I’m successfully living the 90%(ish) Pescetarian life! Look, Nelly tried to tell me…I ain’t listen though (except he can eat turkey and chicken now). Last year, my goal was to become a 90% Vegetarian (all vegetarian meals with ONE meat meal per week). 90% Pescetarian just means I eat vegetarian and pescetarian (3-4 seafood meals per week) with ONE* meat (non-seafood) meal per week. This meal is usually when I eat out.

  • I got my iron back on track. My iron was insanely low this summer and life was kind of awful. I finally got myself used to taking pills daily. I’m taking one (giant) Vitamin C** pill and one Iron tablet each morning. I feel so much better 🙂

  • My skin. My hair. THESE NAILS! Somehow when I wrote the September update, I didn’t notice how long my nails were. I remember not noticing it until I went to Atlanta for my best friend’s wedding (*squeals*). I went to polish my nails and was like, “WHEN DID MY NAILS GET THIS LONG??” My nails had never been so long without breaking. I let them grow and grow….until a couple weeks ago when I kept catching them on things and then this happened….


Yeah they ALL had to go after that. It hurts just thinking about it 🙁

But this skin kind of makes up for it!

TFH_SkinI was Poison Ivy for Halloween 🙂

About Getting Fine!

  • I have a brand new workout! I posted my latest workout (here). I’ll be honest, I struggled getting into this workout (well the original version). But not because of the routine itself…

  • I got my iron back on track. The interesting thing about low iron is that it affects EVERYTHING! One of the side effects is feeling tired….and by tired I mean exhausted. I always know the exact moment I’ve ruined my life and let it get too low when it’s painful to stay awake***…or when I can’t lift my arms****. So I took a break until I was feeling better.

  • I canceled my gym membership. This was another reason I had trouble working out. Since I was so tired, the thought of driving to the gym (especially in the morning) was killing my soul. I spent 30 minutes just driving to and from the gym. NAW! So in September, I canceled my gym membership. Some of the changes to my workout reflected what I felt more comfortable doing at home (like not jumping).

  • I’m in this thang! The morning workouts didn’t last long because of the iron issues. When I was feeling better, I decided to change my workout alarm to reflect the latest time I should start (8:45pm). That’s been working much better for me!

About Getting Healthy!

  • I love my waist! I mentioned in this post that these last couple months have been the first time I’ve been able to say that! I don’t think my waist has ever been this small and it’s amazing! I’ve always has a belly. It was one of the few things I got picked on about as a child (don’t worry, it didn’t last long)*****. The end is near! And by the end, I mean that Naked Body Rolling Tour *Birdman hand rubs*

  • I’m proud of myself! Not needing to log my food is amazing. And being driven enough to get off the couch and workout without the threat of wasting money is even more amazing!!!

  • I got my iron on track. Like I said, it affects everything. In addition to being exhausted, I also felt really down (which was odd for me considering it was summer). I knew I needed to get myself together before it cooled off. (And little did I know how soon that cool off would happen. O_o)

  • I’ve inspired others. Excuse me, I have to go happy cry on Jeezy’s shoulder. Whenever someone tells me, “I need to eat better/workout,” I tell them, “You will when you’re ready.” (I believe that’s true of any goal.) So who did I inspire? My mom and my “spiritual” advisor! I talk to both of them about what I’m doing and my progress. And one day, they both up and started making healthier food choices. My mom even goes to fresh/farmers markets and buys foods she’s never had before. Pause for the cause….

  • MY MAMA TRIES NEW FOODS! *runs in circles* Listen! My mom is one of the pickiest eaters I know!

Her: What is this?

Me: It’s _____. Just try it.”

Her: It smells/looks/sounds different. I don’t like it.

Me: You didn’t even try it.

Her: *turns up nose*

Me: JUST EAT IT!******

Her: *takes tiny bite and cringes* Oh wait, this is good!

Me:  -_________-


That is exactly the face she makes (-_-). For her to try new things without me is amazing! NEW. HEALTHY. DELICIOUS. THINGS…ON HER OWN! *squeals*

  • I helped myself by helping others. The day I left Atlanta (after the wedding), I cried going through airport security. I get really upset everytime I leave because I’m leaving so many amazing people that I love. I was messaging my “spiritual advisor” as I started to cry. To cheer me up, she told me how much I’d inspired her to get healthy because I never judged her. I CRIED HARDER! But these were happy tears! 😀

TFH_VisionIt was on my vision board!


  • I’ve kind of let go of being 130-135. I say kind of because I’m really going to base this on, “Is my tummy flat?” You’ll see why but I don’t think I need to lose 20 more pounds…

Oh…Did I just say 20 more pounds? Because…

Progress Report #1 StatsWeight: 151.8 lbs (on October 29, 2013) 🙂

First this…


Then this…


Because Sir 2 Chainz and Queen Bey be knowing!

I try not to be big on numbers but I enjoy saying, “I’ve lost 40 pounds.” instead of “just under 40”. Also, it means I figured out what works for ME!


Now a little “bad news” involving jeans. The last time I was 152 (early 2009) was the last time I could fit most of my jeans so I switched up my style and got into skirts and dresses! Being a packrat, I kept them because, “I can fit them again!” It may be a little too soon to tell but I don’t think that’s going to happen. My butt/hip measurement has been around 42” for the past 20ish pounds.

I’m 28! I’m a GROWWWWWWNNNNNNNNN WOMAN and I can do whatever I want! Also, I have my “grown woman” body now! I was like 21-22 when I got most of those jeans. I went from being mostly hips and thighs to mostly booty and thighs (with hips) after age 24. Having lost 40 pounds (*squeals*), I think it’s safe to say, this is my new shape! I can kind of fit some of the capris but those jeans? I can get them over my thighs but not this booty. I SAY, MY BOOTY CAN’T BE CONTAINED BY THOSE JEANS! 😛

Am I sad? A little…not because I wanted to be that size (a 9) again. I just hate shopping for jeans. Shopping for jeans is the work of the devil. When I buy jeans, I try to wear them until the wheels fall off (or the inner thigh area splits). I was excited about suddenly having 11 old-new pairs of jeans to wear. WHY LAWD! *cries while clutching jeans*

One last thing! Here are a few more photos I just wanted to share 😀




*Sometimes two meals but if I have a second, it’s something light (couple slices of bacon or half a turkey sandwich) so it doesn’t upset my stomach 🙂

**Consuming Vitamin C with iron helps with iron absorption!

***The day my iron officially hit it’s lowest point was a Friday. I get enough sleep every night but that day every moment I had to keep my eyes open felt like death. I was literally in pain. It also made me afraid to drive home because….

****The last time I let my iron get that low was in 2008 while I was in portfolio school. I remember being EXHAUSTED during my 9:30 class. I couldn’t wait to go home to take a nap. Let me tell you how I dozed off while driving. Jesus and God AND The Holy Ghost took the wheel that day (it was only 12:30pm)! I made it home, laid on my couch and passed out for 4 hours. BTW, I’m not much of a napper. When I woke up, I couldn’t lift my arms (or anything) for a good 20 minutes. I live alone. I was so scared but all I could do was cry until I finally got the energy to move. After a talk with my mom, we realized it was my iron. It never happened before for two reasons: 1) My mom was on top of that after I was diagnosed and 2) I used Ortho Evra for 5 years until I didn’t have insurance. I took iron pills daily and got back to my normal self after a couple months 🙂

*****Despite being short, wearing glasses, and being a little bit of a nerd, I (thankfully) haven’t had much trouble with being picked on or bullied. However, I do remember being about 5 and having a classmate say I looked like I ate a basketball or watermelon to which I replied, “AT LEAST MY MAMA FEEDS ME!” As an adult, I cringe because WHAT IF THEY DIDN’T HAVE FOOD??? And because it was body shaming. On the other hand, I was being body shamed soooooooooo yeah. 5-year old Dominique wasn’t having it. And honestly, I still struggle with appropriate responses to being picked on/bullied/body shamed.

******In 2011, that “JUST EAT IT!” came back to bite me when we both got food poisoning. She didn’t trust me for months. MONTHS!

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