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Getting Thick & Healthy: August Challenges

Healthy_ August Challenges

One of the things I love about getting healthy is constantly trying new things. Losing weight and being healthy does NOT have to be restrictive. Unless you’re new here, you know that I don’t diet. I REFUSE TO DIET! So rather than worrying about the food you’re cutting, think about all the new ones you’re adding*!

In addition to trying new things, I also love a challenge. Especially right after a birthday** (July 29th…it’s not too late for a gift). Which brings me to Pescetarian Month!

Definition via

Definition via

Getting Thick Challenges: Pescetarian Month

Last year, I decided I’d challenge myself by eating Pescetarian for the entire month of August. I used to be the queen of the “I won’t stop eating meat and you can’t make me!” committee so this was kind of a big deal. I was so proud of myself! I only had one slipup***. In my defense, WHO PUTS GROUND MEAT IN AN EGGROLL?? And why are egg rolls in Michigan disgusting? #QuestionsThatNeedAnswersASAP

Aside from my skin clearing up and finally dropping weight AND inches, I was far less bloated! And by far less, I mean that I wasn’t bloated AT ALL !

Since last August went so well, I decided I’d do it again. Here are the results:

  • I reset my brain to eating mostly vegetarian again. After last November’s allergic reaction, I somewhat struggled with my meat eating. I know I just wrote about not restricting your diet, but it works best for me. That’s why I’m so big on trying new foods!

  • My skin is back to looking like “PRAISE GOD!” Clear skin and good digestion go together. They’re each other’s Boo in Life (like me and Jeezy****). If your digestive system is working properly, your skin will show it!

  • My stomach is flatter. This is major! My obliques slim down pretty quickly giving me my hourglass shape BUT I always have that roundness in my belly. This month was the first time I’ve looked at my waist and said, “WE IN THIS THANG!”

  • And here are my measurements. You’ll notice the last update was from July 12th. This is because I forgot to take my measurements at the beginning of the month -_-

Pescetarian Month Weight & Measurements

Note: Waist measurements are relaxed around largest area (belly button), engaged (sucked in) at around largest area, and relaxed natural waist (smallest part) respectively.

Here’s what a difference a month makes….

Pescetarian Month Before & After

Pescetarian Month Before & After.

Look at me finally learning to take better pictures…I’ll get better overtime! I almost didn’t post these but I think you can see the difference in my legs. I don’t have a back shot from July but trust me, my legs look much better 🙂

And here’s what a difference a year plus one summer makes….

A year and a summer later...

A year and a summer later…….Fun Fact: I took these photos before and after work and she’s in all of them -_-

Getting Healthy: No Logging

I spent over a year logging everything I ate on MyFitnessPal. I decided this was a good time to. I trust myself with my meal planning as well as my choices throughout the day. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to have to log their food FOREVER!

In addition to the results above, I’ve learned that I’ve pretty good at meal planning. I did have more sugar and grains than I usually do but that can be attributed to several changes:

  • It’s summer. I had a lot of ice cream, cupcakes, and cookies last summer. This summer, I had a lot of cupcakes and cookies. I don’t have a real reason, I’ve just noticed that it’s a summer thing.

  • It’s August. Eating fish leaves a lot of extra room for calories. Eating vegetarian leaves a lot of extra room for calories and protein. Whole grains are a great way to make sure you’re all hopped up on protein, fiber, and other nutrients that make your body feel like YES GAWD! I’M THE BADDEST! Unfortunately, I’m bad at math and I went too hard in the whole grain paint.

Getting Healthy Challenges: Bedtime

Sleep is great! It’s how I rest my body AND my crazy. Seriously. Lacking sanity is tiring. I know we make it look easy but it’s not! I can wear myself out, I don’t need any help. For this reason, I have two bedtime alarms Sunday through Thursday. The 10:30pm alarm lets me know that I need to start getting ready for bed. The 11:30pm alarm lets me know that I should be in bed. The goal is to fall asleep by midnight.

A few months ago, I got off track which ruined my 7:00am to 7:30am wake up. Also I wanted to start working out in the morning (6:20am wake up). So I spent the month resetting my sleep schedule. I’M BACK!

How did you challenge yourself last month?


*I’m aware adding new things is a problem for some people. That’s why I recommend starting slow. Try something new once a month if you’re one of those people. It can be overwhelming (even for me), so I aim for twice a month.

**I love birthday goals. Rather than New Years resolutions (unless your birthday is New Years Day), try making a list of things you’d like to accomplish by your next birthday. Be sure to also make a list of all the things you’ve done since your last one. You’ll see that you’re pretty awesome even if everything didn’t work out. 🙂

***Even if you do slipup, who cares? Just get back on the wagon! But seriously…..WHO. PUTS. GROUND MEAT. IN. AN EGGROLL.???????

****He just doesn’t know it yet.

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