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Getting Thick: Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #4

THICK_ Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #4

Since I didn’t post last week, there are two weeks’ worth of healthy recipes here. TWO! Look at all this good variety I’m sharing. LOOK AT IT!

Balsamic Roasted Tofu and Veggies with Purple Cabbage



Yes, I made it again. YOU DON’T KNOW ME! It was that good! I roasted the tofu and sweet potatoes with a red pepper, carrots, garlic, and scallions. I also used about 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar (that’s all I had) and no brown sugar. There were these gorgeous purple cabbage heads at the farmers market, so I bought one!

This dish ended up being a lot of food for around 400 calories. It was also extremely colorful! I love colors in general if you haven’t noticed! 🙂

Southwestern Pizza



I. Love. This. Pizza. Listen! At first glance, it sounds weird but it’s so good! Even my mom likes it and she’s a picky eater! Usually I use red onions instead of scallions depending on what I have on hand. However, this time, I went a little further.s based on what I already had. I used red beans, a green pepper and Trader Joe’s fresh hot salsa*.

Also I made my own pizza dough. This was my second try and it came out okay. I used Sir Alton’s pizza dough recipe and halved it (possibly my downfall). Luckily it’s hard to mess up pizza dough!

Oh almost forgot, I like to brush olive oil with minced garlic on my crust before building the pizza. Also, the recipe says 3 servings. I cut it into 4 slices for servings just under 400 calories each.

Turkey and Brie sandwich on Ezekiel Bread with Granny Smith Apple

Photo via

Photo via

The above photo is the closest I could find to what I had, but I used this recipe from Fitness Magazine. I used Ezekiel bread instead of kaiser rolls and I didn’t put the apple on the sandwich. I love brie cheese. With that said, quality matters. I got a lower calorie “slicing” brie and NAW! BLAH! WHY JESUS! It wasn’t good. Next time, I’ll just get the full fat brie and call it done. As far as the honey mustard, it was okay. It didn’t add nor take away any value. I ended up with a little extra turkey so I bought fontina cheese instead. I LOVE FONTINA!

I also finally tried a honey crisp apple. It was pretty good. Slightly sweeter than a granny smith (I prefer sour apples over sweet).

Pasta with Mussels, Orange and Fennel



This recipe came from the Cooking Light calendar that I mentioned in my last recap. I love mussels! Mmmmmmmm! When I saw that there was orange juice in this recipe, I decided to add fennel (and an onion by accident -_-) because I loved the combination from this recipe. I used fresh squeezed juice (I had oranges) and penne instead of linguine. I also left out the pine nuts (because they are kind of pricey).

I might try this recipe again only because I wasn’t 100% happy with my changes. I’m afraid that’s what made the recipe not so good. Please feel free to try this recipe as is because I probably ruined it. O_o

Mustard-Rubbed Turkey Breast with Brussels Sprout Ragout



Like the Southwestern Pizza, this recipe is one I absolutely love!!! It’s always good! I’ve made it with pork tenderloin, pork chops, and turkey tenderloin**! It’s even good without the mustard rub! Praise God! If you’ve made pork tenderloin in the oven before, you’ll notice how much more tender it is cooked this way. I’ve also made the brussels sprout*** ragout with both bacon and pancetta. If you’re going to finish it before it goes bad, go with bacon.

*No matter what salsa you use, be sure to drain it well! Otherwise you’ll end up with water spilling out the bottom of the pizza as it cooks.

**I would recommend NOT using turkey breasts. The cooking time doesn’t work well and you’ll end up with dry turkey if you overcook it.

***I just realized it’s “brussels sprout” and not “brussel sprout”. I blame being from Georgia as we seem to be known for adding/removing the letter “s” to/from words. -_-

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