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Getting Thick: Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #10

THICK_ Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap 10

I’m going to get right with this blog one day. I mean it! I have all these delicious healthy recipes to share and I’m not sharing them! I am currently 3 weeks behind so guess what that means………………….

It’s Recipe Week! This is the first of 3 delicious, healthy recipe posts! Yay!

Before I jump into it, I should share that I’ve decided to go Pescetarian for the month of August. I did it last year and I loved it, so I doing it again! (Pescetarian is the name for a diet consisting of vegetarian and no meat besides seafood.)

THis first set of recipes come from the week of July 29th…better known as MY BIRTHDAY, SO BOW BEFORE ALL THIS LEO GREATNESS!

Beef Liver and Onions, Brown Rice, and Broccoli


The healthy in Thick.Fine.Healthy. stands for getting mentally healthy and that’s what I did with this meal! My mom was visiting for my birthday, so I asked her to make one of my favorite meals. Yes, I love liver and onions! Scratch that. I love MY MOM’S liver and onions. I don’t even like my own! She started making it when I was little after she and my dad learned I had iron deficiencies (yes, more than one). Beef (in general) liver is a great source of iron! It may not be all that healthy (it’s not that bad either if you watch your portions) but it is SO GOOD!

Margherita Pizza (Vegetarian)


Like I said, my mom was in town and asked me to make some of my healthy recipes for her. She’s picky so I had to be careful of what I made for her. Now y’all know I love Margherita Pizza! I try a different dough recipes each time I make it. So far my favorites are Alton Brown’s and Quick-Fix Vegan. This time I tried the recipe from Vegan Cooking for Carnivores. I love the texture. Also, it was my first time rolling a ROUND pizza! Don’t judge my previous haphazard-shaped pizzas….

However, the dough needs to be seasoned during prep and allowed to sit longer in my opinion. Despite brushing the dough with garlic, basil and olive oil, it just needed something. Oh and I forgot to add the basil on the slices my mom had -_-

Alternative: I usually use smoked mozzarella but I’ve seen recipes that include a variety of cheeses.

Balsamic Roasted Tofu, Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans (Vegan)


Y’all know I love balsamic roasted tofu and sweet potatoes with whatever else I decide to add that day so I wanted my mom to try it (and tofu)! Although she didn’t like the tofu much, she loved the green beans and sweet potatoes. Did I mention she doesn’t like sweet potatoes? WELL BAAM! THERE IT IS! She even made this recipe the next week when she got home!!!

Meat alternative: My mom used chicken instead of tofu.

Vegetarian alternative: Sometimes I add freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Black Bean & Monterey Jack Quesadillas with Shrimp and Red Cabbage (Pescetarian)


By now, you may also know that I love quesadillas! Praise God! My mom likes them too…though not as much as enchiladas….which she kept calling them -_-

Anywho, so this was more about showing her how my quesadilla maker works as well as letting her taste Food for Life’s Ezekiel tortillas. She loved it! Make sure you marinate or brine your shrimp. I didn’t this time and they were kind of blah.

Vegetarian Alternative: I finished the shrimp before I finished the quesadillas, so I added Salsa Lentil Dip! I used Jardine Chipotle salsa with red lentils.

Mexican Rice with Black Beans (Vegan)


As usual, I was drowning in black beans! I used a third of what I made in the quesadillas and froze the rest. I thawed half of it and used this recipe to make mexican rice so my tomatoes wouldn’t go bad (I bought too many for the pizza).

Overnight Steel Oats with Barley


Earlier this year I bought steel cut oats, poured them into 2 mason jars and never tried them. I have no reason for not eating them and for a while, I thought I just had a lot of rice. O_O

My mom kept asking me about them so I decided to try this recipe since I already had all the ingredients on hand. It was all downhill from there. The recipe calls for ⅛ teaspoon of salt. That’s fine except it’s for ONE serving. Also I use kosher salt. NAW! The salt overpowered EVERYTHANG! It was so gross. Also, I store my barley in the freezer. I thought it would be okay soaking overnight. I was wrong. It never softened up so it added a weird rough texture to the oatmeal. DO NOT ADD SALT! Use thawed barley.

There were some mishaps this week but it was by no means a bad week!

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