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Getting Thick: Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #11

THICK_ Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap 11

I’m back with the second of three healthy recipes posts! As mentioned on Monday, all my meals for the month will follow a Pescetarian (vegetarian and seafood) diet. This set of recipes comes from the week of August 5th. It was a great food week BUT I overdid it with the whole grains. I finally found my “tipping point”*.

Sesame Noodles with Cucumber (Vegan)


Listen, I love sesame noodles. I have been trying to find a recipe all summer. My mark of whether the recipe was successful or not was by comparing it to the sesame noodles from Whole Foods’ cold bar and a catering service I’ve had at work. I have failed like 4 times.

This recipe was in a Nigella Lawson book I bought for $2 at Half Priced Books. I bought the book for this recipe! It was pretty good! Still not exactly like the ones I love (I think they use dark sesame seed oil) but it’s very close. FINALLY!

I doubled the recipe to eat it as 4 entrees. Don’t do that. It’s a lot of noodles and I almost died (granted I used spaghetti not soba**). Also, I’d use less sesame seeds and toast them.

Tuna Salad Sandwich with Brioche and Almond Strawberry Salad (Pescetarian)

via (The rolls i used looked just like these)

My tuna salad recipe is loosely based off of my mom’s recipe combined with another one I cannot find. To make 4 servings, I used: 2 cans of tuna***, 4 boiled eggs, 4 celery stalks, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper. It’s pretty simple.

About bread….I hate not being able to buy individual slices of bread (unless you go to a bakery). With that said, I ended up finding the perfect amount at the farmers market from a group I like to call “The Bread People”. They just happened to have FOUR large brioche rolls packaged together. GLORY! And those rolls were GOOD DENNAMUG! I may never use hamburger buns again!

via (A representation of what my salad was SUPPOSED to look like)

As for the salad, I kept forgetting the almonds! My salad consisted of: Trader Joe’s Power Greens, strawberries, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and honey if needed.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts+ (Vegetarian)


This was supposed to be roasted tofu with roasted brussel sprouts and rice. I never got around to roasting the tofu or making the rice. BUT I did get around to roasting the brussel sprouts with carrots, green onions and garlic after tossing them in kosher salt, freshly ground pepper and extra virgin olive oil. DELICIOUS!

Peach Green Smoothie

I saw peaches. I love peaches. So I bought some! I’ve been considering changing up my smoothie so adding a peach was like a little treat. DELICIOUS!


*”Tipping Point” refers to the point where I had too much! Whole grains are great because they’re nutrient rich unlike refined carbs. When you’re eating mostly vegetarian, you’ll end up eating more of them to get everything your body needs (including protein). I just went a little overboard this week!

**I used spaghetti instead of soba noodles because Trader Joe’s didn’t have any and I had no intentions of going to another store that day.

***When I’m buying canned tuna, I try to only use either Trader Joe’s or Wild Planet brand. If you don’t have access to either, use the Fooducate app to help you find a good brand.

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