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Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #14

THICK_Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap 14

Yay food! Although these healthy recipes make up 2 weeks’ worth of meals, you’ll notice I didn’t make much. That’s because:

  1. My Bestest (best friend) got married!!! The wedding was in Atlanta so the first two recipes are from the week I returned home. I didn’t need as much food since it wasn’t a full week.

  2. The last two recipes are from last week. I planned to cook three meals (as usual) but that never happened. I have no real reason other than laziness -_-

Lobster Ravioli with Cream Sauce (Pescetarian)


ALL summer long, I’ve wanted seafood ravioli. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to find clean prepackaged ravioli. I even considered making my own and……….NAW! Making ravioli (or any pasta) from scratch looks like a lot of work. I got tired just reading the recipes! Then, one  day, I saw it….Trader Joe’s Lobster Ravioli! LOOK AT GOD! I don’t know how clean it is but I said, “YOLO!” and decided to treat myself….at some other time because I already had my planned meals for that week……

Some other time came when I had to slap a grocery list together on my flight back from Atlanta. I added asparagus to the ravioli and used this recipe for a light cream sauce. I loved it! It might not seem like enough food, but it is so don’t over do it. I’ll definitely make this again!

Alt: In place of heavy cream, I used greek yogurt mixed with a 1 tablespoon of cornstatch and a little water (to prevent separating). I tried added mustard powder but the sauce definitely could have used some fresh herbs.

Alt: I’d like to try it again with the vegetable on the side (or with a small salad).

Balsamic Roasted Tofu & Sweet Potatoes with Vegetables (Vegan)


My old standby! I’ve made it 8000 times and I still love it. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE IT!

This time I added garlic, brussels sprouts and red onions. Where is Sam when you need her?!!

Poached Cod with Fennel and Cauliflower (Pescetarian)


I received this recipe in one of The World’s Healthiest Foods’ recent email newsletters. Since I’m cheap, I’ve been substituting cod in halibut recipes (halibut is $26 a pound, cod is $8 where I live). The recipe is very simple. I ended up using a whole head of cauliflower and four carrots. It was okay. If you like cooked fennel, you’ll probably love it. I prefer raw fennel.

Since I don’t like to waste food, I separated the cauliflower from the other vegetables and pureed them with a little extra water. I poured the puree into ice cube trays and made a faux fish stock. The problem was that the cooked fennel was overpowering. Now I can add a little bit of a boost to other fish dishes (like a soup maybe).

Alt: No fennel.

Hummus with Raw Veggies (Vegan)


Y’all know I love this hummus recipe! I got a little garlic-happy and used too much so it had a little “kick” to it this time. As for the vegetables, I chopped up red peppers, white-ish peppers, green tomatoes, and carrots. I also added half a whole wheat pita (one serving size).

For this particular shopping trip, I went to Holiday Market. Imagine if a Whole Foods and a Kroger got married. Holiday Market is like that. It has a mix of regular grocery store products with local products mixed in (and HUGE meat and fresh prepared food counters). I found a brand of pitas from a local (Detroit) bakery with only 4 ingredients listed!!! Other pitas I’ve had get kind of hard after being in the refrigerator but these stayed soft! Mmmmmmm, YAS!!!!

 Alt: Use whatever vegetables you like! Raw or cooked! It’s hummus, have fun 🙂

Grape & Banana Green Smoothie

Ingredients: spinach, red grapes, (half a) banana, green tea

Look at me trying all these new smoothies! My smoothie was based on SkinnyMs’ Banana Grape Smoothie. I don’t like putting 800 different ingredients into my smoothies: it takes up too much room in the fridge and it’s expensive. With that said, I loved my version of this smoothie! It’s not super sweet and the grapes don’t get lost, I thought they would.

Honestly, everything didn’t go smoothly(ie). *giggles* I accidentally bought 3 pounds of grapes. I spent $7 on grapes. SEVEN DAMN DOLLARS. JUST FOR THE GRAPES! Since I learned you can add ice to a Nutribullet, I decided to make smoothie packs (which I haven’t made since last year)! After my first smoothie where I used 20 grapes (too many) and lots of snacking, I ended up with eleven smoothie packs of 15 grapes and half a banana each (plus one more with 12 grapes).

What healthy recipes did you try this month? Did you try anything new like I did?!

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