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Getting Thick: Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #2

THICK_ Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #2

Let’s take a minute to reflect on last week’s recap. Yeah, this week’s healthy recipes recap is almost the opposite. I blame myself not the recipes.

I’m a pretty good cook, I’m even able to make up my own recipes. To an extent. If I ever say, “I’m going to try to make a totally different sauce based on this recipe.” SLAP ME! Well don’t, because we’ll fight.

Cauliflower Alfredo


This recipe is GREAT. The first time I made it, the only thing I just added asiago cheese. SO. GOOD! This time, I used rotini and added broccoli and grape tomatoes. I also added greek yogurt (for protein). Why didn’t someone stop me? Why didn’t I remember I had THIS recipe? Instead I got all protein-happy and ended up with a sour sauce, overly nutmeg-y sauce. It actually wasn’t that bad…that day. Fast forward two days and I was left with a sour, garlicky, nutmeg-laced mess of a dish! NAW! I couldn’t deal (and I’m too cheap to throw food out). Which brings me to the remixed meal….

Rotini Mac & Cheese with Broccoli


This recipe is from Alton Brown’s Good Eats show and books (I have all 3 books!). I love Sir Alton with all my heart. I am in NO WAY blaming him for any of this! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME BLAME SIR ALTON! After rinsing off the rotini and broccoli from the above travesty, I removed the tomatoes. I decided to try this recipe. I was afraid of the texture of the rotini. It was fully cooked, not al dente after all. Shockingly it wasn’t that bad. The old taste was gone but the smell wasn’t. Smell is extremely important in how appetizing a dish is. I finally admitted defeat after one serving. WHY LAWD! 🙁

Kale and Potato Soup with Andouille Sausage

via (I love this site!)

Praise God! My other meals saved my life! Since the calorie count was so low, I double my portions making three servings instead of four. Imagine how upset I was when I gleefully reached into my fridge Thursday morning only to find no more servings. I was so hurt! The only change I made was using Trader Joe’s Chicken Andouille Sausage instead of Italian turkey! I’m fighting the urge to make it again so soon!!! Also, I used 1.5 sausage links (half a link per serving). Yay! No bloating!

Butternut Squash Quesadillas

via (I love this site too!)

Praise God at all times! I’ve made these several times and do you know what I hate most? HOW GOOD THEY ARE! I love quesadillas but THESE?!?!?!!!! They’re super simple and extremely tasty. I’ve made them, finished them off, and then had a deep, internal battle with myself about making them again BEFORE THE WEEK IS OVER! The only change I’ve made is adding a TINY bit of cayenne pepper. Also, 1/2 cup of butternut squash doesn’t sound like much but it is. Especially if you’re using a quesadilla maker. Trust me….I made the mess to prove it. Damn it! I want to make these again….gotta play it cool though! 😛

Breakfast and Snacks

Last week, I forgot to share what I have for breakfast and my snacks! Lately my breakfasts have been green smoothies and 2 boiled eggs. The eggs were for protein since I stopped using protein powders. Also, greek yogurt makes my smoothies too stiff.

Green Smoothie!

What’s in it? Almond milk, baby spinach, a banana, and a Granny Smith apple. There were blueberries for a few days but I stopped adding them (too much sugar).

You can also see a glimpse of my afternoon snack in that photo: orange wedges, almonds, and greek yogurt with local honey stirred in. I’m starting to like my greek yogurt this way!

Let’s pray that next week proves to be much tastier!

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