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Getting Thick: Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #3

THICK_ Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #3

Unlike the previous week’s healthy recipes, last week’s were great!

Green Smoothie and Egg

One of my many green smoothies!

*giggles* Sounds like “green eggs and ham”. It doesn’t? YES IT DOES! -_-

I actually had two variations last week because I was trying to get rid of my apples and oranges. One smoothie consisted of: almond milk, mixed baby kale, a banana, kiwi fruit, a granny smith apple, and fresh Italian parsley. For the second, I used an orange in place of the apple.

Why parsley? I needed a few tablespoons for two recipes that I didn’t want to go to waste. The smell was a little strong at first but it tasted good. I like to add fresh herbs to my smoothies sometimes!

Salmon Croquettes with Asparagus (Two Ways)

Salmon Croquettes via

OMG! THESE WERE SO GOOD! This recipe came from my 2013 Cooking Light recipe calendar!

Cooking Light 2013 Recipe Calendar via (I got mine for $7 at Kohl’s! Loves it!)

Shockingly I didn’t change anything but I will point out that I don’t buy canned food often. For this recipe I used Wild Planet’s salmon. While looking for canned tuna a month ago, I learned Wild Planet* was the best canned fish brand (sorry I can’t find the original article).

With the asparagus, I decided to finally try roasting it myself! I ended up overcooking my batch which made it mushy and gross. BLAH! Rather than try it again, I decided to just steam the rest in ziploc’s steamable bags. Perfectly steamed asparagus! *drools*

Lentil & Bulgur Pilaf with Green & Yellow Squash

Lentil & Bulgur Pilaf with Green & Yellow Squash via

This recipe was a major “try something new” for me. I think I’ve had bulgur before so I had a feeling I might like it. I’ve also had brown lentils before and I liked them (thought I hadn’t cooked them myself). And I haven’t had many Lebanese (inspired) dishes before. Basically, I went, “YOLO!” with this whole meal! The recipe is actually for six servings but I only needed four so I had 4 slightly larger portions. I forgot to buy dill (I don’t like cilantro), so I doubled the parsley. Next time I cannot forget the dill. The parsley was a little overpowering.

Loaded Baked Potato with Whole Green Beans

I was supposed to make one of these:

Loaded Sweet Potato via

Broccoli and Cheese Twice Baked Potato via

After settling on the sweet potato recipe, I ended up getting russet because I didn’t like the size/shape available at Whole Foods that day. Then I forgot to make the beans (I buy dry beans), so I had to hurry up and throw something together one morning. -_-

The meal ended up being pretty good! It was also easy to prepare! I used one microwave-baked russet potato, half a andouille chicken sausage link (Trader Joe’s brand), a little butter, and a tablespoon of greek yogurt (in place of sour cream). I added steamed green beans on the side. You can also add green onions like I did one of those days.

Overall, I was happy with my meals last week! Yay for no mishaps!!! 😀

*About Wild Planet: Their fish is sustainably caught using the regular troll and pole method instead of giant nets. This insures other fish aren’t caught/harmed by accident. As far as nutrition, Wild Planet’s fish have lower mercury levels because they catch younger fish. Younger fish mean less time spent absorbing the mercury in the water. The fish also have higher Omega 3 levels because of how the fish is cooked. Check out for info!

**I YOLO safely…”carpe diem” and all 😛

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