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Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #5

THICK_ Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap 5

In my workout revamp post, I mentioned reducing my meat eating.  I finally have it under control again! In fact, I haven’t been seriously bloated in about a month, meaning I might not have to become a “Full, For Real Tho” vegetarian! Look at God! Because I do love the delicious meat varieties. 😛

With that said, I do still plan to eat mostly (80-90%) vegetarian. Not only is it better for my stomach but It’s also cheaper and it keeps me trying new recipes! I’ve mentioned before that seafood and turkey seem to be my “safe” meats so as I said last week, I’m making an attempt to only buy turkey when I want non-seafood, meat-based meals. As far as eating out, I am more careful with the amount of meat I’m getting. It’s working out great!

And now, let’s get into last week’s healthy recipes!

Moroccan Bulgur & Shrimp Casserole


The original recipe uses pork but suggests shrimp as a substitute. It’s pretty good! Using shrimp reduced the calories of the meal by about 150. It’s a better version of this recipe from Fitness Magazine. I roasted my own red pepper and used dry chickpeas. I learned that chickpeas do not take as long to cook as beans! Yes! I bought mint but forgot to use it so I added it to my smoothies instead. I’d suggest adding the raisins (I used dried cranberries) as you eat the leftovers. As the week progressed, the dish got progressively sweeter.

Tofu & Broccoli Stir Fry


Excuse me while I faint. This recipe right here! THIS RECIPE RIGHT HERE*! LISTEN! The sauce is so good! In fact it’s my new go-to stir fry sauce. I had rice wine but I’ve never cooked with Sherry (the cooking or drinking variety). The recipe calls for drinking Sherry because cooking Sherry has a lot of added sodium. I figured this would be my try something new for the week. If I didn’t like it in the dish, I could just drink it! Well I loved the dish!

I always buy firm tofu rather than extra-firm (I tend to overcook extra-firm). Also, I used a teaspoon of the ground ginger from the recipe above rather than fresh. And I used the florets and the stems. I forgot to cook rice (repeatedly, smh) so I just had the dish as is.

Also I made it in my new wok I bought a few weeks ago! Yay!

Vegan Waffles with Maple Berry Syrup

Let me begin by sharing that I finally own a waffle iron! I was at Macy’s at 9am for a one-day sale full of morning specials. By 9:20am, I had a waffle iron, a griddle, and a coffee grinder. YE’EN ME! I also may have a kitchen appliance addiction**……

Anywho, this recipe comes from Roberto Martin’s Vegan Cooking for Carnivores. I just wanted a couple waffles, so I did math and came up with the 1/4th version of this recipe. I used blueberries rather than mixed berries. I also decided to use almond milk and coconut oil (you’ll see what I mean if you click the recipe link). The waffles were pretty good but I’ll use more cinnamon next time!

The syrup, not so much. I DON’T BUY PURE MAPE SYRUP FOR IT TO BE OVERPOWERED BY SOME BLUEBERRIES! I DON’T! Also, it was too watery. Next time, I’ll just use my plain maple syrup. Also, I might just make one waffle and pair it with something else. Two waffles had me stuffed! In case you’re wondering, this recipe was around 520 calories.

Turkey Burgers with Fontina

First of all. Let us take a moment to praise God for this recipe….and its creditor because she is GORGEOUS DENNAMUG! I’ve been making this turkey burger for a while now and I always end up jumping for Jesus until the last burger is gone. I really wanted a burger last week, then I remembered I had half a pound of ground turkey in the freezer. So I made my own!

I suggest just using what you have or are comfortable with using. I’ve used various combinations of spices and it’s always good! IT’S NEVER GOT GOOD! I made two burgers and topped with fontina cheese. The only condiments I used were a teaspoon of mustard and Spectrum’s canola mayo. Call me hood/country/whatever, but I also used Ezekiel bread. I didn’t have any buns and I wasn’t about to buy it for two burgers.

In all, each burger (with bread and toppings) ended up being around 520 calories. That sounds like a lot but it’s better than it would have been at a restaurant! And tastier!

Overall last week was a great food week!

*Word to Katt Williams!

**I do have a kitchen appliance addiction and I’m not even trying to get help for it! I’m just going to buy a shelving unit to store them now that they’ve exploded out of their cabinet. The last thing I need in this life of sin is….a stand mixer! 

This will be me when I get that young stand mixer!

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