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Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #8

THICK_ Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap 8

Look at God! Two healthy recipes posts in one week. In my last post, I talked about how great I was doing with meal planning. Well, last week I failed! FAILED! DON’T LOOK AT ME! Here’s how I failed:

And here’s what I did make!

Chocolate Syrup


Wait…chocolate syrup isn’t healthy! I’ve done the research! At just 33 calories and 8 grams of sugar and carbohydrates (per two teaspoon serving), this recipe is not bad! I used Trader Joe’s unsweetened cocoa powder. I like it but next time I’ll cut the sugar by half (reducing it to 4 grams per serving). I don’t really like how sweet it is. I used the chocolate syrup several ways:

  • Chocolate Milk – almond milk and syrup
  • Chocolate Yogurt: plain greek yogurt and syrup
  • Chocolate Chia Pudding: plain greek yogurt, almond milk and syrup

The Chocolate Chia Pudding was my favorite! I’ve never made chia pudding but had been planning to try it. The texture is great (a little weird but great pudding sub). I added the greek yogurt for protein.

Yet Another Green Smoothie


Speaking of too much sugar, in my last recap I had the following note, “Don’t use all this fruit. I’ll explain why in a couple days -_-“ DON’T! Don’t even use the recipe you’re about to read (unless you split it into two servings).

I’ve been making smoothies for about a year now, I’ve almost always used a combination of three fruits (or vegetables). Somehow, I started using more tropical fruit which are sugary dennamug! Ye’en seen so much sugar in fruit until you’ve combined a bunch of tropical fruit!

Last week’s smoothie: rainbow chard, almond milk, chia seeds, a banana, frozen pineapple, and a pear (d’anjou, bartlett, or bosch). Sounds good, doesn’t it? It is! It also had 41 grams of sugar…….

41 grams of sugar is about 8 teaspoons. According to this Sugar in Beverages chart, that’s whole bottle of VitaminWater or Gatorade. There is no reason for me to be consuming so much sugar at for BREAKFAST alone! None! Needless to say, I’m on the hunt for a new smoothie recipe O_O

Tofu and Bok Choy Stir Fry

In my last post, I also mentioned using this recipe to make a several stir fry dishes. Trader Joe’s had baby bok choy, yasssss! I wanted some a few weeks ago and they didn’t have it! I had three servings of rice, sauce, and tofu left over so I used bok choy in two and green beans to the third. Y’all don’t let me make stir fry again for a while!

Vegetarian Nachos

“Started from the bottom now we here!”

😛 (via

Get it? Because I started from the bottom of my failure list and now I’m…..NOBODY ASKED YOU! No real recipe here, it’s nachos! Tortilla chips, jalepenos, tomatoes, beans, and cheese! CHEESE SAUCE! BTW, cheese sauce looks awful in photos. Especially when people insist on adding other ingredients to it.

Anywho, It was downhill the moment I got the idea to make my own cheese sauce. In my defense, I started out with the intent of finding a recipe. At some point, I decided to use this (ridiculously delicious) recipe for the basis of my cheese sauce. Here’s how I failed:

  1. I used smoked cheddar. I love smoked cheddar, PRAISE GOD FOR SMOKED CHEDDAR! But smoked cheddar isn’t really right for nachos unless you don’t use as much as I used.
  2. I used milk not cream. Again, in my defense it probably would have been fine if I used half the milk.

What I ended up with was a sauce that got progressively thinner each day. By the end, it was more like cheese soup. Oh the shame!!! (Sylvester the Cat’s son’s voice)

Once again, if I say I’m recreating a sauce, for the love of God, STOP ME IMMEDIATELY!

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