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Getting Thick: Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #9

THICK_ Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap 9

Mmmmmm food! I’m back! Wow, it’s been forever since I last shared my weekly food diary. I’m a little behind, so these healthy recipes are from two weeks ago. It was my first week upping my calories and it went okay. I’ll have to adjust to the increase but in the meantime, let’s jump into these young recipes!

Alton Brown’s Hummus


This was my second time making this recipe. It’s really simple and tasty! I paired it with Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pita Pockets and ¼ a red bell pepper per serving. If I was having it for a meal, I had a whole pita. If I was having it for my afternoon snack, I just had half a pita (one serving). In case you’re wondering, this recipe makes 7-8 meal servings or 16 snack servings (about 350 or 175 calories).

There are plenty of “light” hummus recipes out there but if you’re really worried about the calorie count, just split your servings like I did. I tried one from Shape magazine before trying this one, and NAW NAW NAW!!!!

Spaghetti with Red Pepper Tomato Sauce and Walnuts


I’ve used this recipe A LOT over the years. I even started roasting my own red peppers. Until now….why? Because it’s hot and I don’t have central air (I miss it so). I REFUSE to turn my oven on! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME! Instead I made a slightly different sauce. Yes, I made my own sauce. AND IT ACTUALLY TASTED GOOD! I clearly had help 🙂

I  sauteed (until very tender) 3 red bell peppers and half an onion. In another small saucepan, I whisked some tomato paste with a little sugar. Then I mixed the two in a blender and pureed. I added a little Parmesan Reggiano and then mixed it with the spaghetti. For each serving, I sprinkled the chopped walnuts and more Parmesan Reggiano on top.

Turkey Tacos

via (sorry no taco pic)

I love tacos. Tacos are one of many reasons I know God is real! Also, like I said in my Fresh Start post, I’m trying to incorporate safe meats! I’ve been eating ground turkey and noticing I’m doing well with it! I kept it pretty simple here: 1 lb of ground turkey, this taco seasoning, 1 red pepper, ½ onion, monterey jack cheese and Trader Joe’s stone white corn tortillas. Overall a good dish but next time I won’t forget the lettuce and I’ll go with whole wheat or Ezekiel tortillas.

Brussel Sprouts


I had planned a third meal and then decided I have enough food (re: hummus) so I steamed the brussel sprouts with white wine (plus kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper). I ate the brussel sprouts with both the spaghetti and tacos. Yes I know that sounds weird, but I love brussel sprouts! If I was using my oven, I would have roasted them.

Simplified Smoothie

Banana-Blueberry Green Smoothie

Banana-Blueberry Green Smoothie

In my last food diary post, I spoke about finding a new smoothie recipe. I FOUND ONE! Also, I finally bought a nutribullet! Let us all take a moment to body roll for Jesus at his work for blessing me (us) with the Nutribullet! I. LOVE. THAT. THING! I bought mine for $70 at Kohls. I waited for a 30% off coupon and swoop in there like an eagle! A brightly dressed eagle……

As for the new smoothie, I kept it simple but powerful:

  • 1 cup Almond Milk (or Soy this past week)

  • 2 cups (or handfuls) Baby Spinach

  • ¾ to 1 cup Blueberries

  • ½ Banana

  • 2 tablespoons Flaxseed Meal

In order to fuel for intense workouts, I added an english muffin sandwich to my smoothies! I used Trader Joe’s British Whole Wheat English Muffins (idk why it’s repetitive), 1 egg, and monterey jack cheese.

Night Juicing


Yes! I pulled the juicer back out! I planned to try two recipes. So far I’ve only made this one. I’ve made it just as one serving (half the recipe) and two servings (consumed as one). I learned I need to use my garlic press to juice the ginger because it seems to be too small to pass through my juicer.

One of the problems I had with juicing before was the pulp. I ended up with a freezer full of it (beet, celery, apple, and carrot) with little enthusiasm about what I could do with that combo of flavors. While throwing out the pulp from the first juice (-_-), I got the idea to make flavored water or ice cubes. A friend of mine added that the new flavor combo sounded like it would make a good muffin!

GOOD NEWS! New Pinterest boards! I’ve been posting to my Thick. Fine. Healthy. Food and Vegetarian boards for a while now. I’m excited to share that I’ve split my boards again! Follow Thick. Fine. Healthy. Pescetarian (hint hint…nudge nudge) and Juices & Smoothies boards along with the others if you haven’t.

And if you need workout ideas or a little positive motivation, follow my Thick. Fine. Healthy. and Happy boards as well 🙂

3 thoughts on “Getting Thick: Weekly Healthy Recipes Recap #9

  1. Jasmine

    Yum, looks tastey. Any recipe by Alton Brown is bound to be good. I love brussel sprouts too, love them roasted in the oven ( guess you won’t be doing that till winter) . But lately making salad with shredded brussel sprouts and sauteeing them with nuts and things like smoked salmon. good stuff.

    thx for sharing

  2. domgirl85 Post author

    This is very true of Sir Alton lol! And roasted is how I prefer my brussel sprouts too. I may be able to cook them soon since we’re having an odd “cool wave”? I’ll be trying/posting a similar recipe soon (that you sent me)! May add salmon to it 🙂

    Thanks for commenting!

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