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Happy 2013!!!

TFH_ Happy 2013

Happy New Years!!! Yes, I know I’m a few days late but I have good reason! I’m lying but I’m here! 2012 was great but 2013 is going to be……EVEN MO’ GREATER THAN THAT! Normally I’d insert a dancing gif here but I’m pretty sure I’ll get distracted if I leave….again…..

Anywho! I know a lot of people are working new years resolutions but I’m not one of those people. I actually stopped making them a while ago. Instead, I make birthday goals: What do I want to accomplish by my next birthday? For my 27th birthday, I made goals and even planned to make a vision board. I’ve been working on the goals….but not the vision board -_-

I kept saying, “I’ll do it! I will!” but I didn’t…..until this past weekend. Yep, I made my vision boards right in time for NYE. Does that mean I have resolutions? WHY LAWD! *sighs*

On the plus side, I ended up making TWO boards rather than one! A “Life” board and a “Fitness” board! I’ve been so committed to my fitness goals that there was enough to give it it’s own board!  LOOK AT GOD! JUST LOOK AT HIM! And then look at what became the second vision board I’ve ever made in my life!

Behold my 2013 Fitness Vision Board!

Isn’t it prettyful?! It is! Believe it or not there is method to my madness. I PROMISE THERE IS!

First, I think mental health and body image go hand in hand. Although I’m conceited dennamug, I have my moments when I feel like I’m not making progress. I’m not big on quotes but the ones on my vision board were ones that I felt everyone should keep in mind to stay positive. I’m also a huge believer in positive body image. Obviously my favorite is the second from the top 🙂

Next is the largest portion of the board, fitness (or working out). As I said, I like to reevaluate my goals monthly. I also like to add new challenges to keep things new. My (current) fitness goals include a new goal weight between 130 and 135 pounds, increased weight lifting, morning yoga, and becoming a runner by summer! I also plan to begin participating in fitness groups. Oh and remember my “goal gift” system? The one where I give myself a small fitness or health-related gift for every 10-pounds I lose? I’ve decided to give the “$1 per workout” challenge a try. For every workout, I’ll add a dollar to a jar. When I reach a goal, I can use that money for my gift!

Then there’s the most important part of the board, food! PRAISE GOD FOR FOOD! When asked, “Do you eat to live or live to eat?” I always answer the same, “LIVE TO EAT!” I love food! PRAISE GOD AGAIN! The great thing about eating healthy is constantly finding new foods to try so I don’t get bored. I could spend hours looking at recipes (and I often do). My food-related goals include becoming a 100% clean eater, trying more new foods, starting an indoor herb garden, and sticking to my 80-90% vegetarian plan! Slightly unrelated, my mom bought me all three of Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” books. PRAISE GOD, MY MAMA, AND ALTON! Each chapter is a season’s worth of episodes and each is just as detailed as the show! I’ve been using the Whole Foods’ Mission app to try new things. I’ll be using Alton’s books as well! New food AND new recipes! Of course I’ll make them healthy if I need to. Also, the majority of Alton’s recipes fit into a “clean eater’s” lifestyle! *Kenya twirls*

Last but not least,…..that’s right no more! We’re official! New blog header and all! Overall I plan to post more regularly, more often with better photos! In my last post, I mentioned doing so much planning that I was exhausted when it came time to actually write posts. I wasn’t lying! I was just getting ready to start some new things!

Now that I’ve shared my goals, what are yours?

2 thoughts on “Happy 2013!!!

  1. Dana

    cool vision board ! I’m trying to narrow down and focus my goals. I’ ‘ll give you 3 fitness/health goals.
    1. write a consistent food journal to give me an idea of what I need to change.(use my fitness pal app more)
    2.planning my meals and cooking more
    3.losing 30lbs in 2013

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