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I Wanna Go Fast – Ricky Bobby

FINE_ I Wanna Go Fast

In Part 3 of my introductory series, I outlined ALL my goals. One of them was to become a runner. I’ve seen the Couch to 25k in the past but I remember it being difficult if you weren’t going to be running on a track or outside. Low and behold, today on My Fitness Pal someone mentioned it. I decided to check it out and guess what I found………………………………………………………………………………….


*runs in circles* also 2 Chainz jig (

Back to business……*squeals* I was getting concerned that my current cardio days were not getting me the calorie burn I needed but I’ve tried running again and LAWD! MIGHT DON’T MAKE IT! This llooked like a good way to work up to……..where I was before. In 2006, I did “Two and Ones”. Two minutes of running, 1 minute resting. I can’t quite do that on a treadmill right now. Beginning with 1 minute running and 3 minutes (is my math right) of walking sounds doable! I’m thinking about beginning this workout on monday with the same strength workout. If I’m going to only workout for 30 minutes, I want to make the most of it. Running is a great way to do that.

In an effort to push myself to actually work on this goal, I found several marathons that I want to participate in. The largest marathon (as far as how well known it is) will be AIDS Walk Detroit or AIDS Walk Michigan. AIDS Walk Detroit is Sunday, September 16th and is actually in Royal Oak. The closest AIDS Walk Michigan is Saturday, September 22nd. I believe these are 10k. Who knows, maybe my September, I’ll be able to do both!

Smaller marathons that are a little closer that I want to participate in are the Detroit RiverFront on Saturday, June 30th, a 5K for Hospice of Michigan as well as The Rainbow Run 5k in downtown Ferndale on Sunday, June 17th. The Rainbow Run begins the morning of Ferndale Pride and according to the website is about supporting diversity and acceptance. I’m down for anything that promoted accepting all people, they also have a cool addition to the event. Everyone wears white shirts and as you pass stations, you are covered in different colors of paint! It’s like Holi!

If I begin this workout on Monday, June 17th will be 9 weeks exactly! I know won’t be a full on runner by then but it would be nice to at least be able to walk/run it! I didn’t get these nice PANK (hot pink for the non-country folks) Saucony cross trainers just for the treadmill and elliptical! I bought these with a purpose in mind.

P.S. There is a track outside the gym that I’d love to be able to use when it gets a little warmer outside. It would be nice to run around it rather than walk!

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