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Inspired Part 1

HEALTHY_ Inspired Part 1

After seeing Sir President’s acceptance speech (and that fly blue tie), I decided to wear an outfit inspired by him today! Blue and black 🙂

I wrote out a great post about the election outcome last night. Then I realized it needed more time and space. So I decided to make it a two-part post! Part 1 is how last night’s outcome inspired me as it relates to my fitness goals. Part 2 will be about how inspired I was overall.

But first, let us all scroll back up and bask my new skinny thickness! YAS!

And now, let’s get all my dramatics out the way because if you know me, you know there were plenty 🙂

When MSNBC announced Sir President Barack Obama hit 274 electoral college votes! LISTEN! Let me tell y’all how I cried. I screamed. I squealed. I was sent Twitter jail on my main account (@domwilson) twice. I had to tweet from my jail and fitness accounts (@domwilson2 and @thickfinehealth) so I wouldn’t have a nervous breakdown. I almost had an asthma attack!

Seriously though, my chest got really tight and I was short of breath. Let me tell y’all how I would have been in the ER like… Them: So what were you doing when your attack came on? Me: Praising God because Sir President won! Them: Were you running or anything? Me: Naw, I was sitting on my couch. Them: Oh…………. O_O

I can’t e’em deal with the emotions running through my body last night! Everytime I see Sir President and the Mrs. of Everything I Hope to Ever Be in Life*, I want to throw up ALL the sets, swoon, crip walk, and step in the name of love, greatness, and YES GOD! *faints*

*I change Michelle Obama’s “name” a lot. She’s too amazing for just one. I can’t even deal with her. I CAN’T!

*pulls self together* I created this blog to keep myself accountable and to share what I’m learning. But I also have bigger goals beyond just losing weight for this blog. I just won’t get into them at the moment. They’re great though! YOU’LL SEE!

I live on MyFitnessPal and Twitter. Between the two, people are always discussing their weight and wanting to be smaller (or bigger) and healthier. On MFP, people are always posting depressing forum messages about needing others to inspire them and motivate them. All. The. Time. Obviously I love the idea of people in the same boat supporting each other or I wouldn’t be on that site. What bothers me is that a lot of people can’t find the motivation OUTSIDE of fitness. They only want to see people who have already reached their goals and to have those people give them all the “secrets” to success.

Listen. I can find inspiration anywhere. Sir President sat up here, went up against ALL TYPES of barriers to get where he is today. This man won TWO elections. This man rolled up in here and became the ENTIRE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT we have ever had. And THEN he was elected for a second term. Do you know how hard it is to be elected for two terms? Out of 44 presidents only 14 (including Sir President) have done it. 13 if you count that fact that one didn’t serve those two terms consecutively. On top of that, this man had to work with a majority Republican Congress who stays singing, “Don’t Trust That (Them) New Nigga(s) Over There” (word to The Boondocks). AND THEN! This same man has a wife he loves with all his heart, who loves him. Those two go hard in the paint for each other and I am here for it at all times! AND THEN! He’s a father to two gorgeous girls. GIRLS! Lawd he’s going to be so stressed now that they’re almost teenagers. I can’t even!

Meanwhile people be on MFP like, “There’s pizza at work and they’re metaphorically shoving it down my throat because it smells good dennamug. WHY IS MY LIFE SO AWFUL!” I just look at my screen like O_o

If you honestly feel that way in that type of situation then how are you ever going reach your goals? Fitness or otherwise?

My point is, losing weight requires a good .00000000000000000000000000001% of the effort in comparison. Sir President has nothing to do with my fitness goals. Nothing he does affects my capacity to lose weight and get healthy. But guess what, I still look at him as someone who inspires me to motivate MYSELF to get what I want. I look at him and I believe if he can do ALL those things and be the epitome of amazing, then there is no reason whatsoever that I can’t stay on track with my own goals. Excuse me, I have to go swoon!

I’m going to leave you with my favorite tweet from last night because I think it’s a perfect way to jump into Part 2!

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