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Monthly Monday Update: June 2012

TFH_ Monthly Update June 2012

On Memorial Day, the last Monday of May, I shared my progress which included weight, measurements, and……other…….progress. Well, it’s the last Monday of June, meaning it’s that time again! Before I get into the numbers, let’s start with the “other progress” I’ve made!

  • I can fit into 2 pairs of Old Navy jeans I bought in December! Not only can I fit into the jeans, they’re a tiny bit loose. They’re also a little too long. I’M SO SHORT!
  • I can fit an Express “half” button down shirt that I haven’t worn since college (I graduated in 2007).
  • I can fit into a Paris Blue jean jacket I haven’t been able to fit into since college!
  • I can fit into a pair of Vera Wang leggings I forgot to return/exchange at Kohls because they were too small.
  • Other people have commented that they can tell I’ve lost weight!
  • As of this morning, I can also fit into a pair of Style & Co jeans I bought in December that I was unable to fit a few weeks ago when I was able to fit the Old Navy jeans. In other words, more weight/inches lost! Okay, okay, they’re a little tight in the booty.

One of two pairs of the aforementioned Old Navy jeans. Photo taken early June 2012.

The aforementioned jean jacket. Photo taken Monday, June 18, 2012

The aforementioned Style & Co. jeans. Photo taken at 8:50am.

*Body rolls, booty pops, and 2 Chainz jigs*

Also, I have really got to find a better place to take pictures.

I’ve noticed that my legs look smaller. I wear a lot of leggings, tights, skirts and dresses. Multiple times, I’ve stood in front of my mirror or the mirror in the ladies restroom at work and noticed, “WHOA! My calves look smaller. My knees look smaller. GLORY! MY THIGHS LOOK SMALLER!” Also, my breasts are smaller. WHY LAWD! I’M NOT READY!

There was one major hiccup. Maybe several.

  • I got sick this month. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Riley Freeman voice).
  • Work has been a little insane.

With the combination of those 2 things, I didn’t go to the gym for 2 weeks. I started going again last week but didn’t make all 5 days. I plan to start going in the mornings again because I’ve been working a lot of late nights. Sometimes that can lead to me being sleepy at work, but usually I’m fine if I stick with my sleep schedule. I’ve been getting better at it !

With that said, I was a little worried about not holding onto the weight I had lost earlier in the month. That would kind of suck. A few weeks ago, I posted that I met my first 10 pound weight goal and that I planned to give myself my first gift, a nice duck meal. Well, I haven’t had the meal yet. I just haven’t been in the mood to go and sit down at a restaurant lol! Maybe I’ll go next month!

Now, the moment of truth. WHY LAWD! I’M NOT READY! JESUS HELP!!!!! *runs away…..picks laptop up again* For the sake of procrastination and recapping, below are the numbers from last month:

From May 28, 2012

Drum roll please! *looks around and realizes I live alone* Oh………

Weight: 183 lbs.

Bust: 38″

Waist: 32.75″/33.75″

Hips: 44.75″

Thighs: 26.25″/26″

Summary: 4.8 pounds and 3.75″ lost since May 28, 2012!

Just a reminder, the reason there are 2 numbers for my waist is because I measure with my stomach rested and sucked in because I usually suck it in. Also, the 2 thigh measurements are because I measure both. Sometimes they’re the same but usually they are a little different. The majority of my inches came from my stomach! *jumps for Jesus*

I’ll leave you with this! šŸ™‚

Photo taken Friday, June 22, 2012 (3 days ago) šŸ™‚

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      Thank you! Lmao @ “backsliding sinner”!!!!! I’ve been eating a few things I shouldn’t but if I do, I just don’t eat much of it. šŸ™‚

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