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Monthly Update: August 2012

TFH_ Monthly Update August 2012

It’s time for another episode of, “How Amazing Is Dominique?”

And the answer is (as always) EXTREMELY!

Unlike other months, I don’t have a bunch of clothes I’m able to fit into now. Mainly because I haven’t tried on much this month. I think I just kind of forgot to go through stuff and see what happens. Instead, my “other progresses” focus on how things fit as well as other victories!

  • I fell in love with my Old Navy jeans because the curvy cut fit my curves! I didn’t need a belt! That excitement was short-lived because now they fit like every other pair of jeans. That gap between the waist band and my lower back is huge! HUGE! Which made me think, “Jesus, I really have lost a lot of inches and weight!” Very motivating!

Old Navy jeans.

  • I can no longer wear my polka dot shorts. WHY LAWD! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! *clutches them tightly in my arms and sobs* I had begun wearing them a little differently than I used to (with a long sleeve shirt….get into my ratchetness). Well, I tried that outfit on one morning while rushing thinking it was a go-to outfit. Imagine my surprise when I had to find a new bottom. I’m adding darts in the front so I can wear them lol!
  • Last month, I mentioned buying small Danskin leggings for working out. They fit looser. One of the things I loved about leggings with Conda (my new kitten) was that she couldn’t hang on them. She has this thing about grabbing your pants in her teeth and claws and hanging on them (yes, she’s insane already). She has started doing it whenever I wear my medium Danskin leggings. She can see the loose fabric and goes for it! I appreciate my kitten noticing my weight loss, however, it’s not as much fun for me as it is for her!

Ana Conda Wilson. She likes to go by her middle name. 😀

  • I keep mentioning other people noticing my weight loss. One of those people is a friend at work. She randomly says things like, “You’re doing so well! You look so good!” She said it last Friday at a coworker lunch. That makes me feel good. Not because I need praise but because somedays she says it out of no where and it’s a day I’d been feeling kind of unmotivated. God is basically tapping her on the shoulder like, “Say it now!” Because it’s always right on time. 🙂
  • I make a point to try to take photos everyday because I want extensive documentation of my progress. Some days I have to stop and bow in my own presence. I honestly feel like I look good at any size. YES LAWD! Praise God and my mama!

This picture was taken August 27, 2012. I was literally wearing my “old style”. I stopped dressing like this when it became a hassle to wear belts because I had gained so much weight!

  • I have officially moved up ALL my weights. I went from using 2.5- and 5-pound weights to using 5-pound and 7.5-pound weights. I’m going to do a series where I talk about each move individually, so I’ll talk about it more there.
  • I have cut my weight training time down considerably! Even though my strength routine is around 42 minutes long (including 15-second breaks between each move during each circuit), it was taking me sometimes as long as 90 minutes. The reason was that I was wearing myself out. The weights were getting too easy so I’d move faster. Moving faster made me overwork myself which led to me being tired and out of breathe faster. When I moved my weights up, I slowed down which meant I didn’t get tired as fast so I didn’t take longer breaks! My new time is 50 minutes 🙂
  • I can complete a 5K in 64 minutes. Ye’en ready!

Pedometer screenshot. I missed the exact 5K mark (3.10miles).

  • I’ve gone 30 days eating a Pescetarian (Seafood and vegetarian) diet only! I wanted to challenge myself to see if I had the willpower as well as the creativity with meal planning. I’ve been doing great. I don’t miss meat. I haven’t craved it!
  • I lost 1.5 pounds a week at least twice this month! Whoa!
  • I tried a new smoothie recipe. I had been wanting to try a new recipe but didn’t see one I loved enough. Mine packs a punch as far as nutrients, I needed the same thing with different ingredients. Someone I’m friends with on Facebook and follow on Twitter has been heavily documenting her juice fast. She takes (amazing) photos of the produce going into her juices throughout they day and they looks GREAT! I got the idea to use juicing recipes to try new smoothie recipes so I downloaded the Raw Raw Life Juicing app! The recipe I chose is more vegetable based but I like it! It’s also a pretty red!!!!!!!!!

The new smoothie recipe tried based on a juicing recipe.

  • I came up with a new smoothie recipe. I decided to take a few elements of the juicing recipe and add them to my primary smoothie recipe! There will be a lot in it but I think that’s a good thing. I don’t “eat” breakfast so my smoothie needs to give me a lot! Also, I’m hoping I can make it the same pretty red. Don’ judge me! The art director in me needs a pretty smoothie!

And now for the things that did not go so well. I decided to add this section last month because hey, things don’t always go how you want them to go! It’s life! I hate when people say that but it’s true.

  • I’m back to walking instead of doing Couch to 5K. I started on Week 5: Day 1 again (4 minute runs) and I couldn’t complete it. My body felt tired so I decided to slow it down a little. Instead, I’ve decides to walk a 5K on cardio days. My time is currently 64 minutes outside. I haven’t timed myself inside on the treadmill yet. It’s been nice enough to walk outside again so I’m enjoying it!
  • I took a break to give my body a rest. It lasted longer than I meant for it to lmao!
  • I wasn’t eating enough protein some days. Which I think led to my body needing a longer break. It also led to the next point.
  • I learned that eating out, eating healthy, and eating pescetarianism is HARD! Which led to me making some not so great choices a little more often than usual.
  • I had a lot of cheese this month. I’ve been steady losing weight and I haven’t been bloated or irregular but it was a lot.

Below is my recap from July which will be followed by my official weigh-in! I was really excited this month and I’m not sure why. Lol! Crazy I guess.

Moment of truth time!

Weight: 172.6 pounds

Bust: 36.5″

Waist: 31.5″/32.75

Hips: 43.25″

Thighs: 24.75″/25.25″

Summary: Lost 5.6 pounds and 2.75 inches as of August 27, 2012.

Overall: Lost 19.4 pounds and 10 inches (since May 2012).


  • Weight: Look at God! I lost 5.6 pounds this month! Throughout this month, I lost more than usual each week. 8/6 to 813 I lost 2 pounds, 8/13 to 820 I lost 1.5 pounds, and 8/20 to 8/27 I lost another 1.5 pounds. That’s way better than the .5 pounds I had been losing. I’ll take it! *Queen Bey shoulders*
  • Bust: I lost .5″ this month. Yes Lawd! I might keep these after all! That’s wishful thinking because some of my smaller bras are fitting better again. I’ll be back in the B club soon. Lol!
  • Waist: I did much better this month than I did last month! I only lost .25″ in July, 1″ in August! Between my weight and my waist measurement, I wonder if there is something to eating less meat. Especially considering I had more dairy in August. I had Margherita pizza 3 different times this month. Not 3 meals, 3 pizzas which ended up being about 11 meals. That’s a lot of cheese in addition to my yogurt. O_O

Margherita Pizza. The reason I ate more dairy than usual this month. Left: Nordstrom Cafe Bistro. Right: Me!

  • Hips: WHY LAWD! *throws self on floor and sobs* I lost 1.25″ this month. I had been losing .5″ a month. WHY LAWD again. *throws self back on floor and rolls around*
  • Thighs: I lost .25″ from my left thigh and none from the right. WHY CAN’T MY THIGHS AND HIPS/BUTT LOSS BE SWITCHED! *fight air*

In my July post, I mentioned that I expect to be 135 around April 2013. I still think this is possible and I’m excited. I’ll be sewing up a storm by the time it gets warm again! YES!!!

Below are a few photos I took on August 19th. I decided to take them with my stomach sucked in (normal view) and relaxed. After writing this post, I realized that I should have worn different pants. I think the pair I’m wearing (Danskin, size SMALL) may have tummy control in them. Lol! However, you can still see the difference. Enjoy! BASK IN MY CHUBBY! 😀

Can’t remember if my stomach is in or out here. It was the only good front shot. Sorry!

Left side in

Left side out! BASK IN IT!

Right side. Notice my butt is actually less toned/lifted on this side. I’m working on it!

Right side again. POW! See how easy it is to enhance your curves lol!

Check back soon for a nice update on Pescetarianism month!!!!

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