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Monthly Update: July 2012

TFH_ Monthly Update July 2012
It’s the last week in July and you know what that means! MONTHLY UPDATE TIME!!!!! I wish I had a fun song, but I don’t. For some reason, the “Blue’s Clue’s” mail time song popped in my head. As I did last month, I’ll share my “other progress” first.

  • I can fit all 5 pairs of jeans I bought in December! 2 pairs from Old Navy and 3 pairs from Macy’s (Style & Co). They fit better lengthwise but they are a little loose in the stomach area. I hate when jeans do that.
  • I can can fit into my yellow blazer! I haven’t worn this blazer since college! WHOA! Which is weird considering I can’t fit bigger blazers lol!
  • I can fit a small in Danskin leggings! If you go to Walmart’s (tiny) workout attire section, they have workout leggings available in ankle length, below-the-knee, and sometimes just-above-the-knee and biker shorts. I needed more short pairs because it’s too hot to workout in the ankle length right now. GLORY! THE SMALL FITS!!!! I usually wear a medium.
  • Other people continue to comment that they can see my weight loss!!!!!
  • Smaller arms and shoulders! I can fit my arms in all kinds of stuff again! Whoa! The weight lifting is definitely helping!
  • LESS. BACK.FAT. Excuse me while I run in circles……………………………………………. YES! I had two distinct (WHY LAWD) rolls of fat and then more fat that exploded over my bras. I now have ONE distinct roll of fat. The lower roll is gone! *faints* Also, the higher roll is much smaller and there is less fat exploding over my bras.
  • I’ve moved up weights on a few moves during my strength training. I was using a combination of 2.5-and 5-pound weights depending on the move (gotta start somewhere). I’ve moved all but two moves up to 5-pounds. I’m ready to move up to 7.5-or 8-pounds (I forget which the gym has) on at least three others! YES!
  • I ran a maximum of 4 minutes straight. TWICE! I think that was a Week 5: Day 1 of Couch to 5K!
  • I’m officially out the “Booty Do” Club! If you’re unaware (aka not ratchet enough), ‘booty do’ is when “yo’ stomach sticks out farther than yo’ booty do!” It didn’t stick out farther, but it was almost the same. Now, my stomach is noticeably smaller 😀

Which brings me to a few things that did not go so well.

  • No, I have not found a better place to take pictures lmao!
  • I’ve been on Week 5: Day 2 for 2 weeks. I cannot seem to run 5 minutes straight. After trying 3 or 4 days in a row. I decided to take a break and come back to it either this week or next week. I’ll also start taking my inhaler before running.
  • July came with sweets and dairy in the form of ice cream (and occasionally a donut). This is probably why I can’t run 5 minutes smh. I had quite a few bloated, sluggish days this month. The sugar/dairy/processed foods no longer agree with my body. WHY LAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is a recap from last month. Which will be followed by my first weigh-in as a 27 year-old! Yes! I had a birthday! I spend Sunday, (July 29th) seeing The Dark Knight Rises (it was SO GOOD…I cried lol) and then going out to eat. For my birthday meal, I treated myself to fried catfish, collard greens, dirty rice, and cornbread (with a Budlight) at Howe’s Bayou. Cajun food! Mmmmmmmmmm! So good. Well worth it. I also had red velvet and cookies & cream cupcakes. I cut the two cupcakes in half and had half of each on Saturday and the other halves on Monday (because I forgot on my birthday…..side eyes myself).

And now for the moment of truth. RUN AWAYYYYYYYYY! Lmao!

Weight: 178.2
Bust: 37”
Waist: 33.5”/32.5”
Hips: 44.5”
Thighs: 25”/25.25”
Summary: Lost 4.8 pounds and 3.5 inches as of July 30, 2012.
Overall: Lost 13.8 pounds and 7.25 inches (since May).

The majority of the inches has come from my waist. The least from my hips and butt. YES! I’m on my way to SLIM WAIST/BIG BOOTY Land! *cues all the ignorant music*


  • Weight: I’m losing 4.8 pounds a month. When I was 20, I lost 10 a month while only working out 2 days a week. I thought this slower metabolism thing started at 30. WHY LAWD!!!!!! On the other hand, I am losing inches faster. So “I’m wit’ it if you (my body) wit it because” I look great! No Drake.
  • Bust: My breasts are shrinking much slower this time! PRAISE HIM! I might keep some of these “new boobs” after all.
  • Waist: I didn’t lose much this month but I can see that it is smaller and my hips are becoming more noticeable again! YES FOR THOSE CURVES! “You with all those curves and me without no brakes. OH!” Why do I have Drake in my head today? :/
  • Hips: I’m losing .5” a month. YES! Also, my butt is sitting! I’d sing another Drake line, but I can’t think of another one that fits here! I’ve used the ones that come to mind first. I said before that I didn’t want to ‘lose’ my curves again. At the rate I’m going, I won’t!
  • Thighs: My thighs are actually shrinking faster than I expected. I don’t remember what they were at their smallest but I’m excited. I love having thick thighs but I’ve always wanted less. If you know a good Drake line involving curves, share it with me! 😛

At my current pace of 5 pounds a month, I expect to be 135 sometime in April 2013. You may find that to be too far from now but what I learned before is the longer it takes to lose it, the longer it takes to gain it back (or to even start gaining). Also, it’s almost the end of summer. That means next summer…………..YE’EN READY!!!!!! I am though 🙂

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