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HEALTHY_ Morning Mirror

In 2006 when I was losing weight I decided to get a subscription to fitness magazine. I had it until September 2011 and I just signed up for it again. There are tons of helpful articles and tips in each issue but one stuck out to me the most. It was in an article about self-esteem and confidence. It was only one sentence in a multipage article but it resonated with me more than anything else.

I call it the “Morning Mirror” trick. Every morning, stand naked in front of your mirror and point out something you love about yourself. It can be physical, mental, emotional, a good deed, anything. Only something good! Ignore the bad.

Why? It helps boost your self-confidence. When you’re losing weight, you tend to become MORE critical of your body. Often times people think that losing weight will solve all their problems. It won’t. If you don’t already love yourself, you still won’t. I’m sorry but it’s true. You’ll still find something to be down on yourself about. Pointing out something you love in a “pure” state reminds you that you are amazing.

When I first started doing it, I had lost some of my curves and I felt like I looked like a boy. I ate right for about 3 months before I started working out. My breasts, hips and butt went away BUT my thighs were still thick. I realized that I LOVED my thighs! Physically I loved my hair, lips, eyes, smile, cheekbones, skin, legs. I realized that despite being only 5’1″, I have pretty nice legs. People had told me that before but I finally saw it. Even with cellulite, I loved my legs πŸ™‚

I was always a little awkward and doing this helped me grow out of it. And by grow of out it, I mean accept it.LOL! I’m still just as awkward but unless I’m stressed and freaking out, most people don’t notice it anymore. I love my work ethic, the fact that my mind races constantly, that I love weird things, that little things excite me, the weird noises I make when I’m excited, being country, being goofy, being dramatic, being unwilling to change. I could keep going but you get the point.

I do this every morning. Now that I’ve gained weight what do I love? Most of the same things but now I love my “new butt, “new breasts” in addition to everything else. I love my ability to go to a place where I don’t know anyone and basically start over. I love that I can jump into new situations and excel. I love that I’m able to make friends where ever I go. I love that people like me for me. I love that I’m 26 and love who I am as I person. I love that I can be open-minded.

These are the types of things you point out about yourself and that you keep with you through out the day. Over time, you end up with all these things you love about yourself. So yeah, maybe I’m overweight but you know what, I have all these other great things happening. You’ll be happier for it and you’ll find it easier to stay motivated. I think that’s something I lost living at home because of how my mom’s house is set up. The only mirror where I could see my whole body was in her room, behind her door. I usually ended up only going in there once I was dressed to make sure I didn’t look crazy. My apartment is set up for this. I suggest insuring you set up your home or room or whatever in a way that you can easily do this.

Give it a try πŸ™‚

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