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The Beginning Part 1 (Motivation)

TFH_ The Beginning Part 1

Let begin by saying that this will be my longest post, I promise………maybe………..I like to ramble 🙂

Before I begin, let me break down this series.
Part 1: What motivated me (this time)?
Part 2: What am I going to do?
Part 3: What are my goals?

About 3 weeks ago I started working towards my fitness goals. I focused on figuring out what caused me to hit walls and stop in the past. One of the biggest things is that I need to keep reminding myself that I AM capable of losing weight because I did it before…..granted I was 20 and now I’m 26. I’m not close enough to 30 to be experiencing the big metabolism slow down….am I??????? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?!??!?!??!! *puts dramatics aside…..for now (they’ll be back later)*

What started this sudden jolt of motivation? One day, I came across this video. I don’t even remember what site I was on (probably twitter) but something about it got me. Go watch! I’ll wait…….

OMG! She looks amazing! She did it! And she kept it up. She kept going! She was bigger than I am and look at her now! I want that for myself! From there, I felt super motivated.

I also needed a gym. We have free health club access at my job but I have been there since November and have yet to go. Also, there is no pool so I’d still need a membership somewhere else. I found a community center not far from my house with a large pool! And it wasn’t too expensive! I went that night for a tour and signed up. Was it weird that I have free gym membership but decided to pay? Not really. My mom reminded me that whenever I have a gym membership, I use it because I’m too cheap to let the money go to waste!

With my new membership meant I officially needed new shoes (I’ll do a post one day). I had a pair that was really old. I’ve had them since 2006. These shoes were so worn that the plastic in the shoe poked through the fabric and pierced my left heel. I covered it with a shoe pad (like I said, I’m cheap). That was a temporary fix……

Later that night I discovered Whole Foods’ Mission App it’s basically an interactive way to ease you into healthier eating. New foods, new combos, etc. I’ve already tried a few things from it! From there I also downloaded the recipe app since some missions involve using foods I’ve never had. I needed to know how to use them.

I woke up the next morning excited and ready to workout! Remember the shoes I mentioned? Well the shoe pad had been pierced by the plastic. Halfway through my walk, the plastic was stabbing me like it used to. I spent the rest of the day with an injured left heel 🙁

I decided to wait until my new shoes arrived to work out ut I am starting my food plan that day! I went to Whole Foods and bought all my groceries. I usually plan 3-4 meals per week. But because of my work schedule, that was WAY too much food. I would end up having to throw things out (free dinner is hard to pass up). So I decided to only prepare 1-2 meals per week plus 1 breakfast, one smoothie, and one dessert. Whole Foods is a little more expensive but I think it’s worth trying at least until I get used to buying the right foods. The good thing about it was that I don’t know most of the brands there so I didn’t buy extra stuff like I tend to do at Kroger/Publix/Meijer/Walmart. I’ll discuss my food more in Part 2.

Speaking of Part Two…….

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