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Music Monday: 2 Chainz

FINE_ Music Monday Sir 2 Chainz
Or as I like to call him, Our Illustrious Sir 2 Chainz
My Boo in Ignorance and All Things Ratchet. I love this man!!! *2 Chainz jigs*

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If I ever meet Sir 2 Chainz, the first thing I’m asking him to hit his jig for me. I’ve asked him for a video on Twitter but he said he was busy and would get back to me at a later date (read: he didn’t reply).  Next, I’m going to ask him to pick me up for a hug….at which point I will promptly kidnap him and introduce him to his new role as one of two Personal Readers*.

*If you follow me on Twitter, you are well aware of Operation Kidnap Jeezy and somewhat aware of Operation Kidnap 2 Chainz. “Girl, how is this related to fitness????”
One of my unofficial fitness goals is to continue to weight train until I am able to simply lift either Young Jeezy (My Boo in Life) or Sir 2 Chainz and carry them out to my car. I figure people would be too shocked to stop me! “IS THAT LITTLE GIRL CARRYING HIM????” It’s perfect! Just kidding………….I’m lying……or am I? Hmmmmmmm……

Don’t judge my goals in life! I LOVE HIM (THEM BOTH)! And here’s why!

  • THAT VOICE! I’ve loved Sir 2Chainz’ voice since he was Tity Boi. If you are/were a Ludacris fan, you’ll remember seeing him for years and then hearing him on Chicken N Beer (I think). I’m not sure why I love his voice but I do. It’s not super deep or raspy (like My Boo in Life’s). Maybe it’s the country-hood accent? I don’t know.
  • THAT HEIGHT! Sir 2 Chainz is 6’5” (via his MTV Rap Fix freestyle). Lord knows I love a tall man. YES LAWD!
  • THAT JIG! Our Illustrious Sir 2 Chainz is not too hood/gangsta/thugged out to show us his dance moves. If there is one (more) thing I love in a man, it’s one who is comfortable being goofy! YES LAWD! SWOON WITH ME!
  • THAT BEAT! When it comes to workout music, the beat can make or break a song. There are tons of songs and artists I love who will NEVER be showcased during Music Monday simply because I cannot workout to most slow tempos (with a good piece of Conceited Music being the exception). 2 Chainz almost ALWAYS comes with a great beat to keep me going.
  • THAT FLOW! In addition to being My Boo in Ignorance and All Things Ratchet, 2 Chainz is currently my favorite Ignorant Rapper! Unlike the majority of my past favorites (including Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame), he can actually rap.
  • THAT CONTENT! It takes more than content (or a lack there of) to be placed in the Ignorant Music genre. It’s how you deliver it. Most of Sir 2 Chainz lyrics tend to be unintentionally (or intentionally) hilarious. AND I LOVE IT! From his self-praising conceitedness (I like to pretend he is a fellow Leo rather than a Virgo) to his escapades as the TRUUUUUUUUUUUU (2 Chainz voice) Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl, you can’t help but love him! Lyrics like this have me swooning and jumping for Jesus daily!

This is a man after my ignorant heart. He just wants to steal your woman and feed her turkey burgers. That’s all! He cares about my fitness goals and you will deal! YASSSSSSSSSS! Excuse me while I swoon one mo’ ‘gain!
Whenever Pandora is cuttin’ the fool (read: not working, for the non-country folk), I usually end up listening to the above mixtape in iTunes because it is the only full album on my phone with consistently upbeat tempos. Let me tell y’all how I am crunk for Jesus and ready to go hard in the paint while listening to Sir 2 Chainz. I feel like the baddest chick! I believe I can do anything AND I do it! YE’EN READY FOR ALL THIS HERE! You’re really not. 🙂

Caution: While Sir 2 Chainz will definitely encourage you to go hard in the paint, you may also be more ready to MURDER (2 Chainz voice) someone for their inconsiderate gym behavior. This happened to me on strength day. I ended up making this teenage boy clean my mat after he spent the better part of an hour invading my personal space and then using my mat as his personal doormat.

Be sure to click on all those links I posted for your viewing, listening, and life getting pleasure. Also, download the TRU Religion mixtape (and others) and get into his greatness while you get into your workout. Y’ALL BETTER ENJOY MY BOO AND BOW IN HIS PRESENCE! And while you’re doing that, I’ll be over here swooning!

My Boo in Life AND My Boo in Ignorance and All Things Ratchet!!!!!

**There will be a separate post for songs featuring Sir 2 Chainz at a later date 🙂


“She got a big booty so I call her big booty!”

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