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Music Monday: Missy Elliott

FINE_ Music Monday Missy Elliott

I love, love, LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Missy Elliott! In fact, I would go so far as to say I STAN HARD IN THE PAINT for her!

Listen, you come at me funny about Missy if you want and I will bring the entire weight of my crazy on you! ALL OF IT! I have a whole lot of crazy in case you aren’t convinced. If you’re on twitter, Imagine if all the Bey stans*, Team Breezy, and Nicki stans all got together. It would be like that. You don’t want that life! YOU DON’T!

*Snaps out of stan mode*

If you checked out my Goals, you know that one of them is to be able to pop, drop, and shake it to an entire Missy song. Let us all pause for the cause….
Now in 2011, Missy followed me and I lost my mind. When she replied to that tweet, I ROYALLY lost it! I cried and was shaking for hours! It took me 30 minutes to take that screenshot! LMAO! I’m crazy, and that’s fine! I was excited!

Like I said, I love Missy! When her and Timbaland get together, it’s like Jesus sat with them to ensure that every beat and lyric was perfect. Jesus then took each album to his heavenly father and God was pleased. God probably has Missy as his riding music. You can’t tell me he doesn’t. YOU CAN’T! I believe this in my heart!

The only thing I don’t like is the fact that every song doesn’t have a video! Every video Missy comes out with is so visually interesting that I always want more! Everytime I hear a Missy song, I just want to break it on down one time for the kids! Then I remember I can’t dance……..oh. In fact, the song at the top of my ‘Songs I Am Not Allowed to Dance to in Public’ is “Lose Control”!

I’m not a fan of letting an album play while I workout because there are always a few songs that are just too slow. But even most of Missy’s slow songs are good for working out to! Recently, on twitter she mentioned that she hopes to drop an album this year. Do I need to describe how I will be at Target when they open before work to buy this album? You may be thinking, “Dominique. She doesn’t even have a single out yet. And why don’t you just get it on iTunes it?” And my response is, NOBODY ASKED YOU THOUGH! I like to have a phsyical copy of all my music. I don’t know why, but I do. I like to have the CD and then copy it to my iPod and/or iPhone and MacBook Pro. Some make it to my work Mac as well.

Normally I’d get straight to naming the best workout songs by an artist but with Missy, I’m just going to suggest full albums. Yes, it’s that serious! If you’d like to listen but don’t plan to buy (because you suck at life), Spotify has ALL her albums OWN DECK! Also, Spotify makes it easy to find OTHER songs by artists so you can enjoy literally every song Missy has graced her presence with! Thank me now and later! Go! Go and bask in all the greatness that is Missy!

Supa Dupa Fly (“The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly” and “Beep Me 911”)

Da Real World (“She’s a Bitch” and “Hot Boyz”)

Miss E… So Addictive (“One Minute Man” and “Get Your Freak On”)

Under Construction (“Gossip Folks/Funky Fresh Dressed” and “Work It”)

This Is Not a Test! (“I’m Really Hot” and “Pass That Dutch”)

Extra song. This one is from a soundtrack. Since I’ve already posted a lot of videos (I was excited), I’ll do another post one day with all the songs Missy is featured in! Fun!

Atlantic’s Missy Video Playlist

*I am a Bey stan. As of writing this post, I am one of the few sane ones. For now. If I ever meet her, I’ll probably cross over to the other side (read: psycho side).


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