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My First Vegetarian Dinner

Thick_ My First Vegetarian Dinner

Okay, so it’s not really but it is my first PLANNED vegetarian meal.

In my last post, Planning Ahead, I listed all my meals for the week. Well I just made them today. I ended up not getting to the grocery store until Friday evening and I went out of town Saturday and Sunday lol! Today I made one of my meals, prepared my Double Green Smoothie with Wheatgrass & Protein, and my Super Trail Mix.

The meal I made was the Spaghetti with Roasted Red Peppers, Walnuts and Goat Cheese. This is a recipe from Fitness Magazine that I found a few weeks ago. After looking over the ingredients and nutrition facts. My major concern was would it be filling enough without meat? This recipe makes 4 servings – 419 calories, 15 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber. Yea!!!!!!!!!

I ALWAYS make things a little different than the recipe. Call me crazy but every single time I follow a recipe exactly, I don’t like it. When I change something. Shockingly the only things I changed was that I didn’t use fresh garlic and thyme. I planned to but I punked out and bought the container of thyme so it wouldn’t go bad. As for the garlic, I had an incident at Kroger (and will not be shopping there again…….for real this time) but the people in the store gave me a free jar of minced garlic that costed more than I paid.

So how did it taste? LOVES IT!!!! I learned that I like goat cheese! I’ve been pushing myself to try something new each week or so and that was it for this week. I’m glad I did! I still have everything so I’ll probably make this again soon. Also, it’s been a few hours and I’m still satisfied. I did have some pineapple for dessert but not much. I’ve tried a lot of recipes from Fitness Magazine over the years and most of them are pretty good! This one was no exception.

Note: So I forgot to add the salt (I use Kosher salt) while I was cooking….don’t judge me, there were too many things on the counter. So I put it in later. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

Note 2: I season all my pasta water. That’s the only way to give your pasta some flavor otherwise it can be kind of bland. Today I just put olive oil (helps with sticking), kosher salt, and thyme in the water.

Note 3: Everything was from either Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and I think most of it was organic (check me out, buying organic food regularly).

Lastly, why did I plan to have a vegetarian dinner? Am I trying to go vegetarian? NAW!!!! I love my meats! But some of my goals include doing Meatless Monday (which might not necessarily be on a Monday) where I don’t have ANY meat for the day. And then I want to do Meatless Week once a month (possibly). And who knows, maybe I can do the 21 days of no meat that I’ve seen people talk about just to do a (non insane) detox type thing. Baby steps!


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