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One Sixty Five

FINE_ One Sixty Five

I weigh myself every morning but I only record my weigh on Mondays. I had a feeling today’s weigh-in would be a high loss week based on my Saturday and Sunday weights…though those can be misleading sometimes. So imagine my surprise when I hopped on the scale this morning and it read 165.0! Let me tell y’all how I almost fell off the scale! I got on and off the scale three times to make sure it was right. IT WAS! YES!!!!! After throwing up sets in my closet, I spent the rest of the morning walking around my apartment like…

ONE SIXTY FIVE POINT ZERO! I haven’t weighted 165 since early 2010. Maybe even late 2009. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE POUNDS! YES LAWD! Do you know what this means? DO YOU? I’ll tell you……..

  • I have lost 27 pounds. 27 of them! I’ve lost as many pounds as years I’ve been on this Earth!
  • I am 1.5 pounds from my midpoint goal of 163.5. ONE POINT FIVE POUNDS. This puts me ahead of schedule by 2-3 weeks!
  • I am 3 pounds from another 10-pound goal (remember my starting weight was 192).
  • I am 6 pounds from the 150s. I haven’t weighed under 160 since early 2009, possibly late 2008!
  • I am only 30 pounds from my end goal!!! Yes I’m aware 30 pounds is still a long way to go but I’ve made it this far! OMG!

Somebody grab My Sir and Boo in Life aka Jeezy and tell him to swag me out and wipe me down! TELL HIM NOW! IT’S OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE! EX – TREME! (I wish I had a relevant Jeezy gif but I don’t….)

In totally (slightly) unrelated news, Operation Kidnap Jeezy is right on track….unless Operation Make Jeezy My (Real) Boo actually works out……….*

*Operation Kidnap Jeezy (So he can read to me) – I continue weight training until I’m strong enough to lift Jeezy’s body weight plus 50 pounds. At this point, I’ll go to a nearby concert, pick him up and carry him out! People will be so shocked that someone so short and small is able to lift him that they won’t e’em try to stop me! Also, if you’re reading this and don’t try to stop me you’re an accessory so you might as well help 😉

Operation Make Jeezy My (Real) Boo – I use my quirkiness, smile, and physique to get his attention……yeah, not as exciting 😛

Note: I’m just jokin’. I’m just serious.

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