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Organic or Not: Ground Turkey Edition

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For YEARS, I fought the organic train. I knew what it meant when it came to fruits and vegetables but not how it applied to meat. Legally, companies aren’t supposed to pump their animals with hormones so where is it coming from? In my opinion, it’s probably in whatever they are feeding the animals.

Recently, I made the decision to transition into clean eating. I’m taking it slowly because some foods are new to me. Either I didn’t know it existed, didn’t know how use it, or it was out of my price range. One of those things was organic meats. I usually by the 2 pound bag of frozen Tyson chicken breasts or tenderloins. I’m pretty sure that won’t stop. Even regular fresh chicken is expensive……so sue me. Other meats I buy include pork tenderloin, turkey tenderloin (just bought for the first time a month ago), ground turkey, italian sausage, bacon (real), cornish hen, shrimp, mussels, scallops, tilapia, and salmon. I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something but those are the ones I’d say I buy at least twice a year. Some more than others.

When I started going to Whole Foods, people were like, “it’s expensive!” Yes it is, BUT I needed that change. I don’t know the brands so I don’t buy things not on my list. I get what I’m supposed to. This week I started going to Trader Joe’s……i ended up back at WF because TJ didn’t have everything.

Anywho, twice I bought ground turkey from the meat counter. The first time I made chili (I should post that recipe. It came out good)….I noticed the meat had a different texture but I figured it was because it had slow cooked. The second time, I made burgers.

Let us all pause of the cause. These burgers are like……..if Jesus came to my house with his own groceries, went into my kitchen, and made them himself. The recipe is by a girl from Twitter, @Kanyebreast from her website Carnal Dish. When she calls them the Juiciest Turkey Burgers Ever…….SHE AIN’T LYIN’!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve made these (amazing) turkey burgers before using ground turkey from Kroger (Butterball White Ground Turkey and Butterball 93/7). I don’t follow the recipe 1005 but the recipe includes breadcrumbs. When I made them this time, I used the same amount as I usually do. When I got done and went to handle the burgers they would FALL APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought, “Oh I should have used more breadcrumbs.” And that’s when the dramatics began……standby………


And then I remembered a word that set “regular” meat apart from organic. FILLERS.

At that point my dramatics went from a 10 to about a 100. Fortunately, I refrained from throwing myself on the floor in lieu of just screaming, “WHY LAWD!” And shaking my fist at the FDA for allowing this madness. I felt like marching down to the FDA’s offices and making a scene. The likes of which you’d expect to see at Popeye’s when the fried chicken ran out on 8 pieces for $4.99 day!

I spoke to a friend who eats pretty well and has for a longtime. She told me that it is most obvious in ground meats because they go through more processing than whole meat. I had this conversation with my mom because she asked if I could tell the difference in my food now. In all of it, there is a slight difference but it is most prominent in ground meat.

With that said, I’ve decided that in order to save money while still transitioning into clean eating, I’ll buy all my ground meats organic. I’ll also be more aware of what’s in ALL the meat I buy.

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