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Paula Deen

Thick_ Paula Deen

All hail the crown queen of butter and all things bad!

“I’m too lazy that I can’t even think for myself. I blindly make everything Paula Deen makes each day. I thought it was okay because her show comes on everyday. And even though this recipe yields 8 servings, I have a minimum of 2 of them each time. IT’S HER FAULT I HAVE DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, CLOGGED ARTERIES, AND AM OBESE! How dare she lead me to believe it was okay to eat like this each day. Even though she says it’s for a special occasion, I just think being alive each day is one so I cook everyday. I just learned yesterday that butter, salt, carbs, and everything else Paula uses is bad for me in excess. But rather than admit I use it in extreme excess, I’m going to sit here and rant about how she’s an awful person and should be killed for my own stupidity!”

This is not a Paula Deen bashing session. Not in the least bit. I was (ironically) at the gym the other day and there was Paula on some morning talk show. They questioned her having diabetes and making all her good, artery clogging food. And how she led people astray. And how it’s awful that she doesn’t even eat most of it anymore.

Let me tell you people something (you people being the Paula Deen bashers), COMMON SENSE WOULD TELL YOU NOT TO EAT THAT STUFF EVERYDAY! Do y’all not read? The majority of her recipes tend to be sized for a family gathering. You know, the place where you have a lot of people over so you make a lot of food? Ever been to one?

I’m tired of people, “she uses a stick of butter for everything!” And? If she’s baking a huge pound cake I HOPE THERE IS BUTTER IN IT! How many pieces of cake do YOU eat at once? I eat one! A regular pound cake has at least 12 slices. A stick of butter has like 8 tablespoons and a lot of times 1 or even 2 tablespoons is considered a serving size. You’re eating less than a serving size.

“Well she made a hot dog and fried it.” You know what’s tasty? Deep Fried Twinkies. Deep Fried Twinkies taste like Jesus himself made them and hand delivered it to me as a gift! Guess how often I eat a Fried Twinkie……….ONCE A YEAR! The episode where she made this fried hot dog thing was at a fair. It was a play on fair food.

I get so annoyed with people who don’t use the sense God gave them…….or maybe they hopped in some other line while God was handing out sense and missed out. Either way, you can’t blame other people for your weight issues. I can see if growing up your parents only bought junk and that’s all you had to eat so you never learned properly. But the majority of the people I see complaining about Paula Deen don’t fall into that category. They fall into the same category as me….and I know I’m my own fault for getting to this size. I let stress overpower my motivation. My bad! I don’t blame people who make cupcakes, mac and cheese, and everything else I love. You know why? Because it isn’t their fault. They didn’t shove it down my throat. I walked to my car, drove to this place, bought this food, and ate it happily! As did you.

End scene. lol! But seriously, it bothers me whenever I hear people say these things. Stop blaming other people! Do what I do, I love a lot of fatty foods so I have them for my cheat meal. This week I had a cupcake yesterday (and today…….those cupcakes are also made by Jesus). That’s it for me. It wasn’t a meal but I also had multiple sandwiches this week for lunch at work. Although they were light, I don’t usually eat that much bread each week. I also had pasta 2 days for dinner which would have been fine if I didn’t have the sandwiches and cupcakes. I have noticed that as long as I plan I don’t run into a problem. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the grocery store this week so I’m running into trouble. But guess what I won’t do! I won’t blame other people for my food choices. How are they to know that I’m trying to eat better and that I love cupcakes? Or that I limit certain foods? It’s not their problem. Trust me, I wouldn’t care! If I want to bring this for a group of people and one person has a problem, oh well. You have a choice. Leave Paula alone!

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  2. Penny

    Paula has made such an impact on me that I check her recipes for cakes before I will attempt to bake one. I think that she is great as a person and she is a great cook and baker.

    1. domgirl85 Post author

      Thanks for commenting! I’m glad someone sees what I see! I love her! She’s so giggly and outgoing, and I not so secretly look forward to flirting with younger men when I’m older 😛

      I don’t bake much but ALL her cakes looks so good!

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